June 1, 2013

Imagine Faith

One of the most unusual things about last night's storm was the sound of the low, rumbling roar that was speaking continually throughout the evening.  Like thunder that never stops, the rumble played for hours.  It was an eerie backdrop to an orchestra of tornadoes within tornadoes, wrapped in rain that danced and dipped as they crossed the city.

One always tries not to imagine the worst, but we've seen the worst here.  We know what the worst looks like.  As I and my 87 year old neighbor took refuge in the cellar, and my husband watched out the window and listened to the storm trackers, it was hard not to worry, and picture a house blown away, or worse, lives lost, but we belong to a mighty God whose whisper can be heard above a tornado.

So, I prayed, and I pictured his mighty hands coming out of the sky directing the tornado away from our house, and I find out later that my husband is looking out the window and imagining God blowing the storm away with his breath and he prays and asks him to make it so.  He keeps imagining this mighty breath pushing the storms away and can see from the window the line of the storm simultaneously moving away from the house in the same direction he is imagining God's breath blowing.

Suddenly, I realize that maybe our imaginations can be a reflection of our faith. What we think, may just measure the level of our faith. Our faith started out timid and uneasy, but both my husband and I managed to squeeze out images of the ugly horribleness of it all, and we imagined His great hands that hold us, and His Holy breath that fills us.  We imagined our God to be in the storm exactly who He is all of the time.

"Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."
Philippians 4:8

{That's the end of my five minutes for Five Minute Friday, 
but I wanted to share one more thing with you before I go.}

 This photo was taken during a different storm, but it reminds me of God's constant presence even in our darkest nights.  A single ray of light found its way through the gray.   I think this spot of light looks a bit like a golden footprint.  Even when trouble is swirling around us, God is still busy being God.

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  1. Dear Stephani
    My heart was going out to all of you who have been victims of the tornados that ripped through the USA. I am grateful that our Heavenly Father protected and that your house was not blown away or destroyed by that might force of power!! We never experience tornadoes of such an extent in South Africa, my home country.
    Much love from Barbie's.

  2. Asking God to continue to watch over you dear.

  3. It is a blessing to read your words of faith. Yes, God is in every experience we have. Praying for you and your neighbors during this time of recovery.

  4. Oh friend, I cannot imagine having to go through this, but so thankful God was there to comfort you and bring peace. So thankful you are safe!

  5. Thank you for sharing! It is possible to be grace filled in the midst of a storm! Blessings! Patsy

  6. Glad you were safe, of course. And I use that visual imagery when I pray too.

  7. Oh, my, what a wonderful post Stephani! Yes, His whisper can be heard above all the storms of life, but I often forget that truth. Added note.......our daughter went through Ok. City around 1:00PM on Friday on her way home from Atoka, OK. Thankfully she was safely home by the time the storm hit. Blessings to you!

  8. The way you express your faith is so wonderful and uplifting. Rare have been the times that I've prayed with a visual image of God in action, but when I have, it's so powerful. God bless you, your family and neighbors and keep you safe.

  9. As I read your words today I was reminded of the verse that talks about God doing the amazing, incredible - above all we can ask or even THINK! He did it for you, my friend, and that's a treasure!


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