April 8, 2013

No Vacant Spaces

"Something of God flows into us from the blue of the sky, the taste of honey, the delicious embrace of water whether hot or cold, even from sleep itself." - C.S. Lewis

God flows in some unexpected spaces as well: disease, heartache, powerlessness, loneliness, and unanswered questions.  I add these to the list because I believe God can be found in the middle of all the experiences of our lives as we allow ourselves to be cradled in the palm of his hand.  As I try to fully embrace the magnitude of who God is, I see this mental snapshot of his huge arms completely encircling the universe.  This picture comes to mind as I acknowledge that there is nothing that escapes him.  But I also see the life of God, found in Christ, to be like the water of a river flowing in and out of the events and circumstances of our lives; sometimes the water rages as we need profound presence, sometimes the flow is steady, or so gentle it can almost go undetected, but the peace still washes over us.  God is ever present, and we will find him absolutely everywhere.  I love that I am never left alone whether I am watching the sun set or gazing deep into the tear-stained eyes of a stroke victim. 

The space that God keeps is never left vacant.

Look for him.  Look for him.  Look for him.  If you find it difficult to see him through the cloud of tears in your eyes, the blinding pain of illness, or the noise of momma responsibilities, whisper his name. Whisper his name. Whisper his name.

I've had so many other thoughts on my mind recently that I've wanted to jot down here.  In doing that I've taken time away from sharing my gratitude list online, but today I want to pick that up again. I want to acknowledge his presence in the little and the big.

1450.  Tracing the hand of God through Joseph's life.  God's provision through abandonment, capture, slavery, imprisonment, and kingdom keeping.  What a marvelous story of God's hand in adversity.

1451.  Staying with Mom while she needed 24 hour care and witnessing the "episodes" she was having so I could better explain to the doctor.

1452.  Learning that although the elderly need care much like a child, they still need to be afforded the opportunity to make choices for themselves whenever possible.  It lends to their dignity.  It empowers them when so often they feel powerless.

1453.  Lying on the bed with the window open on a Saturday afternoon, feeling the breeze, and watching the curtains flutter in the wind.  While lying there I was convinced that the windows of heaven had been opened up as it seemed I heard an angel playing a flute so peacefully in the distance. I kept straining to hear it. I came to find out that it was our little neighbor, Lexis, sitting on her front porch playing tunes on her recorder over and over.  Well, I guess it was an angel after all.

1454.  My first skillet cobbler.  I love my cast iron and had seen some really rustic photos of cobbler baked in an iron skillet. Definitely wanted to try so I made this simple berry cobbler, and it was yummy!!

1455.  New medication for Dad that is helping with the personality changes associated with Alzheimer's. He's got his smile back.

1456.  More fish in the freezer from hubby's recent fishing trip.  This also means fertilizer for the garden.

1457.  Loving the fresh tilled soil.  Potatoes and onions are planted.

1458.  Reading from the 1893 printing of "What is Worth While."  The pages are still in tact but beginning to loosen, as a book that is 120 years old is bound to do. There is something about reading from those original old pages. It makes me feel like Anna Robertson Brown is one of my peers and not actually from the 19th century.  I need to get a new printing though because I can't highlight it!

1459.  Hot tea.  I had given it up, but decided that it is a worthwhile pursuit first thing in the morning!

1450.  Niece #2 selected for an internship in Washington D.C.  Chosen out of 200 applicants.  So proud of this girl young woman.  Her accomplishments are the cake.  She's the icing.  You know, icing is the best part, right! Give me a choice and I'll take the icing every time.  If we stripped away her accomplishments we'd be left with a woman of God whose beautiful spirit soars and leaves the fragrance of God everywhere she goes.  I'm glad she reads this because I can say in writing what I can't always say so well with my lips.

1451.  And this I'm thankful for too, that God has given me the ability to express myself in writing, a way of escape for my tangled tongue.

A blessing captured . . . The Invisible Woman.
 You may have seen this since it has over 1 million hits on YouTube, but if not, take five minutes to watch it, and know that God sees.

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  1. Wonderful post-such truth! No matter what, He is still on the throne and desiring to be our refuge.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I love that there are no vacant spaces. You give so many great examples of this. So glad your dad got his smile back.

  3. I love that your dad got his smile back...

  4. That video is so good, as is your writing. I remember on our trip to Italy, the tour guide kept reminding us that it took several generations to build the cathedrals, or duomos as they called them, knowing most would never see it completed. To have that kind of faith is something I fear I am lacking. Especially in this instant gratification generation in which we live. I also am happy to hear about your dad getting medication to help him during such a difficult phase.


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