April 13, 2013

Eviction Notice!

The Devil, and there is a very real devil, roams around seeking whom he may devour, but he will only be as instrumental in our lives as we allow him to be.  The same is true of the Holy Spirit.  We have a choice where our strength lies, and continually yielding to one over the other will strengthen their effectiveness in us, and our usefulness to them.  Like a muscle that is worked out and strengthened or left to atrophy, so is our relationship with those warring for our soul.  Not choosing to yield one way or another, is a choice in and of itself. Apathy will make the choice for us because abundant lives don't happen passively.

  Satan will flee from a life continually surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Yield to the Holy Spirit and watch Satan run.

The following words are by Brennan Manning

Disgruntled and disgusted, The Prince of Darkness slinks up to the chalet of bummed-out disciples who have made their home in Jesus and nails a legal document to the door:

Eviction Notice!

You are hereby banished from
the House of Fear forever.
With malice aforethought, you have
flagrantly withheld the monthly rent
of guilt, anxiety, fear shame
and self-condemnation.
You have adamantly refused to
worry about your salvation.
Already I overheard one dismal tenant say,
"There goes the neighborhood!"
Your freedom from fear is not only 
dangerous but contagious.
Real estate values have plummeted;
gullible investors are hard to find.
Why? Your callous and carefree
 rejection of slavery!
A pox on you and
all deluded lovers of liberty!
The Prince

(Taken from Brennan Manning's book The Ragamuffin Gospel)

 Heaven gets sweeter and sweeter every time a saint goes Home.

Brennan Manning April 27,1934-April 12, 2013

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