February 22, 2013

Who She Is

She's never been Mama or Mommy to me, she's always been Mom, at least as far back as I can remember.

It's not so much about what she did as much as it is about who she is. She's my mom, plain and simple.

She grew up a tomboy sister to 3 brothers.  She went to college to learn how to teach little one's.  She met Dad there, the doctor to be, who swept her off her feet.  She did make it to that classroom and taught the children as a means to pay for Dad's medical school.  He often joked that he thanked her by taking her to the most primitive place on the face of the earth, and it's true.  He ushered her away from everything she knew, and took her to the jungles of New Guinea where he fixed bodies and she taught minds, all in the name of Jesus. And by the way, she did this with three children in tow and one, me, in the belly to be born there in the jungle.

Back stateside she gave up herself for her children, staying at home to be all mom and all wife.

She's been my biggest fan all of my life, even when I didn't understand or agree with her.  She taught me more about the power of Jesus name and blood and love than anyone.  Is she perfect?  No.  But in the moments of my deepest pains and deepest regrets, she did not fail.  I remember the times she sat up in the middle of the night with this adult daughter who was racked with pain, and said with tears in her eyes, "I can't stand to see you this way."

"Just lay it at the foot of the cross."

"Satan flees at the name of  Jesus."

"There's power in the blood."

"God knows all about it."
 "You're a pearl being formed in the mollusk" 
"Satan works hardest on those God can use the most."
 "God heals the brokenhearted, but he wants all the pieces."

Words she said over and over to me, and I now share with her as she struggles with being 83 in a worn out body that's married to a righteous man bogged down by the ravages of Alzheimer's.  Just today I said to her, "God knows all about it, Mom."  We talked about the promises of His Word and how she used to share them with me with such confidence.  We can't let age, or pain, or circumstances, dull the promises.

She cared for me, now I care for her.

She taught me, now I teach her.

She comforted me, now I comfort her.

She gave me words of wisdom, now I give them back to her.

She couldn't fix everything for me, and I can't fix everything for her, but I can be her biggest fan just like she was for me.

Today I'm sharing with the folks at Five Minute Friday.  On Friday's Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt and we are to write for five minutes using that prompt as our guide.  Today's prompt is, WHAT MAMA DID.


  1. Stephani, so nice to come across your blog as your neighbor on 5 minute Friday:)
    i can identify with some of what you talked about on your post b/c as my mom aged and eventually became caught in a form of dementia, I was able to encourage her with words she had encouraged me with earlier...and with GOD's Word. it was a privilege but frustrating that i didn't live closer to her. this was an interesting and challenging exercise today. you did well:)

  2. This is so beautiful. A life cycle, truly.

    And I've always (as long as I can remember) just called my mom "Mom."

  3. What a touching and sweet post. Count blessings, Kasey

  4. Such a beautiful story and post. Honoring parents who are so meaningful in your life. Very difficult to see and experience a parent going through dementia and being in the position of parenting those who have been so powerful in our own lives. People who will always be at the woof and warp of your life. Blessings to you and your dear parents

  5. A lovely tribute to your loving parents.

  6. Another exemplary piece on your faith and devotion to your parents. You were blessed to have them for parents. "God heals the broken hearted, but he wants all the pieces." I love that!

  7. Stephani, this is a beautiful and very touching post!

  8. Oh, what a beautiful post Stephani! And, you look so much like your Mom in that very first picture. A great tribute to a lovely lady. There's just no one like our Moms!

  9. I read your words with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. My dear, little mother is ninety. She has served the Lord all of her life - given much for ministry - and I am there for her now. I so identified with your words. Thank you for sharing with such beauty and grace.

    P.S. - We had a number of dear friend who served in New Guinea. I wonder if my parents knew yours - or if you knew any of our friends. I'm curious what missions board they served under. And when they were there.

    1. Oh Adrienne! I'm glad these words touched you in some way. God is good, I say it over and over. I'll email you about New Guinea!

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