February 4, 2013

Time Enough to Acknowledge

The week has been filled with gladness and sadness, hope and discouragement, but through all of it, it's been filled with God.  A week ago I shared about all the heaping helpings on my plate.  I haven't had time enough to post since then, but making the time to acknowledge God's hand in everything is time I have to take. So, here again I find myself sharing the count of gifts and blessings. This morning I began to think about all the things I list.  I list about being thankful for the thunderstorms during drought, but do I list the drought?  Am I thankful for the drought?  Yes, but I don't want to be afraid to list it here because I know the drought (or what it represents) brings parched land that causes heartache for some.  But really, I'm thankful for the heartache if Jesus is found there, when Jesus is found there.  I'm thankful for all that God brings into my life that also brings me into a fuller understanding of who he is.  So in the week ahead, I'm going to try to not just passively see God's gifts in the difficult but look for them as I did this last week when Mom was struggling with depression and words seemed significantly insufficient but God used them anyway.  When we look for God we will find him in all of it.

1372.  Thunderstorms in this drought

1373.  New rituals for new habits

1374.  Learning to pace myself and not live life like it's a race.  As Ann Voskamp says, "Life is not an emergency it is a gift."

1375.  A back rub after a long day

1376.  Photography inspiration from Kim at Picking Poppies

1377.  Finding myself in losing myself

1378.  A pink cupcake horizon topped with gray fluffy icing clouds

1379.  Hearing some kind, heartfelt words from my mom

1380.  My hubby coming home with one scoop of chocolate almond ice cream for me, actually a gift from my step-son

1381.  Home smoked pork roast and beef roast

1382.  The husband who smoked the roast

1383.  Ministering to Mom in a lonely moment

1384.  Memories of Mom and being a kid while folding laundry at the table

1385.  Homemade cup of hot chocolate

1386.  That husband who made the hot chocolate just for me

1387.  A couple of hours of quiet time in the middle of the afternoon

1388.  Examples of imperfect people in the Bible, like Abraham

1389.  Courage to pray for healing in what seems like an impossible situation

1390.  What is impossible for Man is possible for God

1391.  All things are possible with God

1392.  Realizing that my dreams are no better than God's

1393.  I can live without those dreams, but not without Him

1394.  He really does know what he's doing. ; )

1395.  Revelation of Christ in the Old Testament, page after page, after page

1396.  Slowing down and being okay with it when not every item on my to do list is checked off at the end of the day

1397.  Being able to look for the gift in difficulty and then seeing it

A blessing captured . . . folding laundry and the laundry that needs folding.  The memory of Mom folding laundry at the kitchen table while I ironed pillowcases for 25 cents each.

Getting much use out of my phone camera! I could have taken this with my DSLR and it would have been much better, but it didn't occur to me! I'm still struggling with photography inspiration and dragging out my big camera.  I'm asking God to help me make time for it in my jam packed days. For more cell phone photos you can follow me on Instagram at @adefinedlife. Check out the links at the bottom of this page for DSLR photography at Flickr and Picassa.


  1. Thanking God for the challenges is difficult for many of us, I think. I find you to be a very inspirational force in blog land and I thank you for sharing your faith so openly. Btw, I was thinking just the other day how imperfect many of those called by God were.

  2. Oh, my plate has been so, so full in recent weeks too and my Dad has been in the pits of despair. I sought the help of a christian Psychiatrist and he, along with a christian Psychologist have done so, so much for my Dad's mental well being and I am so, so thankful. With all my Dad has been through the past 2 years he has struggled to make sense of it all and these two Godly men have been such a blessing. He is on the road upwards and I pray he can find complete peace with his station in life. Hoping your Mom spirits are better and that your plate is slowly being unfilled. Blessings to you!

    1. Lea, So glad your Dad has been able to get help and is doing better! The emotions on this journey are all over the place. I'm thankful for a God who is constant and reliable.

  3. Oh friend, you bless me with your gifts. I must begin counting again. I'm having a hard time fitting it into my life. But I must. I need a shift, a change in perspective.

    1. Barbie, I stopped for awhile and decided that I had to take the time. It just helps me to focus on the Lord, his presence all the time, and it also serves as a record of memories.

  4. Replies
    1. I know that Anita, and I'm blessed to be on your prayer list. You are on mine as well.

  5. You are so sweet, thank you so much!! . . . I'm just now getting a chance to sit at my computer (I was at a class all day today). Sometimes our clarity on the difficult times as being a gift, a blessing, don't come until later - sometimes it takes time to put the pieces together.

    1. Thanks for your email Kim. I am so hungry to get back into my photography and share it with the world! Thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Just visiting via Ann's blog :)
    I remember ironing white dress shirts for 25 cents each for a neighbor lady who had 4 boys. That's a very long time ago! Thank you for the reminder to look for God in the difficult too - I needed that. May your week be full of Him!

  7. I say it every time, I love these posts, the perfect "amen" before bed.(o;

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