January 5, 2013


Hand in hand with my husband, I made the long trek from my seat in the pew down to the front of the church to kneel at the altar.  It was family prayer time, and we went down to pray.  We prayed for some things too personal to share, but I left with a word from the Father.  I talked to God on me knees about the year ahead.  I told him there would be no resolutions this year.  I was weary of trying and failing at the same things over and over for years.  I was done.  These habits I have been trying to overcome were either my cross to bear or were simply part of my DNA. I had prayed through it all before and I was giving up on the striving.

 "Show me where I'm wrong Lord.  Show me how to overcome. I can't keep striving."

"Good."  I heard him say. "I'm glad you're giving up this fight. Your striving is really only straining and isn't at all what I've asked you to do."

"So, here we are God.  Me giving up and you cheering me on."

"I want you to give up striving by choosing to honor me.  You've been asking me to help you accomplish what is fully within your power to grasp. You've been asking me to pull you up out of bed and put your feet on the ground.  I won't do that.  I've done my part.  I've made the covenant.  I've kept the covenant.  My promises are true.  My word is right.  I've done my part.  I will continue to do my part.  Now you can choose to strive or to honor me.  In honoring me, what you strive for will become like putty in your hands.  This overcoming thing is really not that complicated.  Simply honor me.  Honor me in all you think, say, and do.  At church, at home, at work, at play, I want you to honor me.  Ask yourself continually, 'Does this honor my Father?'"

I discovered in just a few moments what I've always known but somehow made so very complicated.   I can and should honor God in everything if I am to have peace in all things.  I can work with honor, clean with honor, eat with honor, speak with honor, photograph with honor, write with honor, listen with honor . . . everything I think, say or do, no matter how big or little, can be done with honor in mind.  Haven't I been doing this all along?  Maybe, but not in all areas and not always with intentionality.

Honoring my Father is the key that will unlock the rusty chains of bad habit.  There really is no such thing as bad habit after all, only sin.  

I pushed myself up from the altar and began moving toward my seat in the pew when I heard him say, "Honor is your word for 2013."

So, here I find myself approaching a new year with no resolutions and with the no intention of choosing "one word" to frame the year ahead while at the same time finding that God himself has chosen a word for me.

The word that I've been given for this year is, honor.  In all I think, say and do I will not turn to the opinions of others to see if I have earned a satisfactory.  In all things, I will have an audience of one.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. It's just what I needed tonight! Tomorrow we will travel a ways south of our home to join our son, his wife and four children for a special time of praying for families in this new year. We go at the request of our son. We go at the urging of the Father - and we believe He has a word of direction for us. Your post is an encouragement. God speaks to us when we are still enough to listen. And honor Him!

  2. Yes, my friend, YES! In all things, I must choose to honor God. I am afraid I fail most days, especially in the mom department. Thank you for this reminder today. What a wonderful focus for the year.

  3. What a beautiful post. I know you have peace knowing He has given you direction. We all need to seek to honor him.

  4. Hi Stephani,

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  5. Blessings on you as you seek to honor Him in everything you do.

  6. Hi dear Stephani
    This is my first visit to your blog after seeing your link-up at Laura's. Your words remind me so much of that verse in 1 Corinthians about "whether you eat, or wether you drink, do it all to the glory of God". Yes, dear one, I have also found that striving definitely does not honor Him and it can easily cause a spiritual burn-out.
    Much love

  7. Stephani, this is a beautiful post. It reminds me of one of my favorite verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Your honesty is refreshing. The word bestowed on you by God himself will bring him glory, and for you a release to live the way he has planned. God bless!

  8. Honor. Such a good word, Stephani. I love how the Lord gave it to you, and I'll look forward to seeing how he will work it out in you.

  9. hi stephani - i have missed you! not been round the blogging thing lately. i love your word for the year. i need to try to do more honoring too. sometimes i am not so good at that, or am just plain lazy in my faith. i'll get there someday.... love ya :)

  10. This is beautiful Stephani. What a great way to approach a new year.

  11. This is absolutely beautiful. It speaks deeply to me too, and I will hold these thoughts close too in this new year. I've read a lot of the "word" posts, but this one just has a loveliness. Thank you for sharing! Again, so glad you stopped by today!

  12. I found your post through Pam's. Such powerful thoughts! Definitely something I need to be working on. Thank you so much for sharing this!


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