January 28, 2013

Hectic Heaping Helpings

This plate of mine is full.  It's full of hectic, heaping helpings!  I've whittled my responsibilities down to just those things that I know God has placed there with purpose, yet this plate is sooo full!  God dips the spoon deep into his pot of needs to be met, and he puts them on our plates to meet them.  Sometimes I don't think I have the strength, or the wisdom, or the know-how, but grace abounds and supernatural strength kicks in when I just don't think I can handle one more spoonful.  And when I think I'm going to explode from all he has before me to do, I look around and see all he has given me to enjoy.  There is so much more to enjoy in comparison to what is on my plate, and I find I'm nourished by the little moments in these big responsibilities I have.  Today, I continue counting and giving thanks for all the blessings.

1348.  Lynne.  She is one of the aide's who takes care of Dad in Memory Care and Mom in Assisted Living.  She loves them like they are her own and works with a smile and encourages and gives me comfort that they are in good hands.

1349.  A third oil-filled radiant heater.  We don't have central heat and adding a third one of these little heaters has made all the difference this winter.

1350.  The Gratitude Journal app.  I love it.  It helps me keep my gratitude list going and up to date until I can list them here in this space.  When I see or experience something I want to remember, I simply enter into my journal right on my phone.  So easy.  So convenient.

1351.  A free chocolate shake surprise delivered by a thoughtful Chick-fil-A employee when I was having a bad day

1352.  Jesus Calling, the devotional by Sarah Young.  The words somehow speak right to me each and every day as hubby and I read from it before we pray together each morning.

1353.  Finding out I had unused comp time and being able to use it while I was sick this past week with bronchitis

1354.  Mom agreed to move to Assisted Living.  Although it was a hard move, she agreed and that is a good thing.

1355.  The transitional living center where Mom and Dad live.  It has been a blessing these past two years and I pray that God will continue to provide for them so that they can stay there for the remainder of their days.

1356.  Cough drops that salvage my throat during a bout of bronchitis

1357.  Nyquil

1358.  Dayquil

1359.  And then the tough stuff for this really bad bronchitis, Tussionex

1360.  Sister Schubert's rolls.  Have you ever tried them?  You should.

1361.  Broken silence when the silence is deafening

1362.  My husband's companionship

1363.  Finding grandpa's Bible given to him by his mother in 1924

1364.  French toast with butter and maple syrup, a rare treat

1365.  A quick late night visit with Dad 

1366.  Sleep for healing and rest

1367.  Carmex for a chapped nose from so much blowing

1368.  Kleenex.  What did they use before Kleenex?  They must have had some reeeaaallly chapped noses.

1369.  Watching my sweet 12 year old niece compete at her Bible quiz meet.  She got first place!

1370.  Advil Cold and Sinus for the tail end of this sinus infection that came after the bronchitis.  Yes, I've been a walking pharmacy lately!

1371.  Grape Kool Aid

A blessing captured . . . Grandpa's 88 year old Bible.


  1. What a treasure that bible is! Lots of things to be grateful for. That's a great exercise to keep you focused on the good. It will get better.

  2. I could come along side of you today and say ditto...I'm in the same place....lots of responsibilities but so much to be thankful for. I like you am making the choice to list my blessings instead of dwelling on my chores. After all since God is giving out the chores, He will provide what is needed to see them fulfilled....

    I am drawn to your blog and always find nourishment by someone who is authentic....

    1. Nancy, thank you so much for your kind comments. In this electronic world it's so easy to want to put on a pretty face and pretend we've got it all together, and too often I'm guilty of that, but I know there is so much freedom in just being ourselves and admitting our failures and struggles. Others can definitely benefit from what God teaches us in our trials. We're all human and in God's kingdom we are brothers and sisters. Being authentic . . . that's what I truly want to be so I'll keep working at it. By the way, glad to see you on Instagram!

  3. Oh wow, that Bible is priceless. I hope you are feeling better soon my friend.

  4. Your words touched me deeply. I'm in much the same place as you and I hear what your heart is saying. The comfort is that God knew long before we arrived at this season of life that He was 'calling' us here. I'm praying for you - that you will be strengthened to meet each day. And for your dear parents as their lives have changed so drastically. Having the precious treasured Bible is a gift from the Father!

    1. Yes Adrienne it is a calling. I'm learning that as I cease to resist but accept where God has me in this season of life.

  5. love your list and your grampa's bible...wow. to think of how many times he opened it...read it...gained strength and courage and hope from it. It's a beautiful treasure to have.

  6. I came for a visit from Boost My Blog today, and I have decided to stay! Blessings.


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