January 7, 2013

1331 - My Sister

Last year I was counting to 2000 and I stopped.  The habit of gratitude is real in my mind and I see the graces everywhere and thank God, but I stopped writing them down and I think I need to begin writing them down again.  I need to see them and recount them when I think they don't exist.  So, today I pick up where I left off in June of 2012.  I had made it to 1330.

Today, I share one.

1331 - My Sister.

She means the world to me, always has. When I cry crocodile tears as a grown woman, she's the one I call.  I know she'll pray when I quickly type the words and push send.  She always checks back for updates, not content to just pray, but seeks to know the progress. Sometimes I think I'm crazy, the black sheep in the family, the weird one, but she never makes me feel that way.  She just keeps loving me.  She's been with me through every dark moment in my adult life and she shines light there.  She's the mother I could never be and gave me three of the most beautiful nieces an aunt could ever want.  They are beautiful deep in their soul and I know parenting had a little to do with that.  (Yes, I'm sure their Dad has something to do with it too, but we're talking about my sister here!).  Her daughtering skills are as great as her sistering skills as she helps me care for Mom and Dad.  She drives four hours from Texas every month to lighten the load and bear the burden heavier so I don't have to and so they don't have to.  She knows how to make decisions and make things happen. She can think clearly when I'm thinking emotionally.  She's willing to do the heavy lifting when I'm not.  She's a pastor's wife, a school principal, and is the hostess with the mostest. She's older than me and I'll always feel younger around her, but never lesser.

She has loved me without judgment for years.  You can't buy that.  You can't earn that.  Only God can give that, and he gave me that in a sister. 

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  1. What a blessing in your life. I hope she reads your post. :)

  2. Oh such beautiful words! Yours take me right to the heart of that relationship too! Thanks for hopping over from Ann's so I could find your beauty here too. Love the photo too. You are blessed to have each other and such a deep love!

  3. Well, I sure wish I had written this about my sister...yes, just one, 4 years older than me. She doesn't make me feel lesser either. Like your sister, she can think clearly when I'm thinking emotionally. Like your sister, she is a HUGE blessing. Thank you for reminding me to thank God for my sister. (((Hugs to both of you)))

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