November 15, 2012

A Day In November ~ I'm Back!

It is . . . November 15, 2012

Outside my window . . . It is sunny and 55 degrees!

I am hearing . . . the click and clack of my keyboard which hasn't been used for blogging in quite some time!

I am wearing . . . jeans, a colorful striped shirt, and a black sweater

I am creating . . . ideas for blog posts.  I'm back today after a few months off.  I'm hoping to ease back into this.  I realize after being away how addicting blogging can be.  The longer I am away from it, the harder it is to get back to it.  I do hope however I can come back with somewhat of a regular schedule and to do it with the right motivation so that God can use what I write for his glory.

I am looking forward to . .my gallbladder surgery being over tomorrow!  Also looking forwarded to seeing my nieces at our Thanksgiving celebration on the 20th!

I am remembering . . . my first surgery ever which I had when I was 17.  These are not good thoughts to recall right before you have another surgery as they aren't very pleasant.  Is any surgery pleasant?  I should be thinking about whatever is true, whatever, is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, and whatever is admirable! Amen!

I am thankful . . . . that I have insurance and access to excellent medical care.

I am praying . . .that the surgery will go off without a hitch.  No complications.  No unforeseen problems!

I am needing . . . to set aside a specific time for blogging.  As I try to ease back into it, I don't want it to overtake my life, yet I want to use this means for sharing what God is teaching me and for journaling about life.

I am reading . . . "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper

In my quiet time I  . . . am studying the book of Genesis. Good stuff! I'm created for His glory!  Whoot whoot! 

I am noticing that . . . the quieter I get, the louder God gets.  It's kinda hard to hear God when your mind, spirit, and schedule are jumbled up with so much noise!

Words to think about . . .

A random fact you may not know about me . . . Anytime I go out of town I like for my house to be clean and business taken care of before I leave.  I don't want to come home to a mess, and as morbid as it sounds, I don't want others to find a mess should something happen to me before I return.  And the same rule applies for going to surgery!  I'm making sure things are taken care of to the best of my ability so I don't have to worry about them when I get home, and so my family won't have to worry about unnecessary things should something happen to me. Crazy huh!

One of my favorite things . . . . flannel sheets!  It's that time of year again!

A moment from my week . . . Went Canoeing on Saturday.  Such a pleasant day!  And then there was Tuesday . . . .major gallbladder attack on Tuesday night - the confirmation I needed that this surgery really is necessary!

The rest of my day looks like this . . . work, pick up mom's prescriptions, visit Mom, visit Dad, eat, clean the house, pack my bag for the trip to the hospital, spend time with hubby, go to bed!

For my picture journal . . . I've included some Instagram photos from this week.  This is from my afternoon on the canoe!

It's so good to drop in and say hi!  I hope to be back with a regular post soon.  Maybe I can put something together while I'm recovering form surgery!  Have a terrific week and pray for me if you think about it!

Today, I'm sharing with The Simple Woman.


  1. So good to have you back and BSF is studying Genesis this year too. It's my first year to be a part of this group and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. :o)

    Hoping all goes very well tomorrow! Thinking of you and praying for you!

  2. Welcome back! Oh no, flannel sheets! They give me hot flashes. I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow. Praying for swift healing!

  3. Nice to hear from you again! And just in time for surgery. Yikes. Praying all goes well for you, friend. Sweet blessings.

  4. WELCOME BACK! Hope your surgery went well. I had no idea I felt as bad as I did until I had my gall bladder removed. I had a few really bad attacks. get better!

  5. Hope all went well with your surgery!

  6. Hey you! Good to see you back! How are you feeling? How did your surgery go?
    Sending hugs and love!


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