June 2, 2012

Seed Planting

"If you don't like the crops that are coming up all around your feet, you may want to check and see what you're planting these days:  Cabbage still gives cabbage, and apples still produce apples. A smile breeds a smile.  Negative thoughts stimulate the growth of more negative thoughts." 
 ~ Ted Engstrom ~

 The garden of my heart requires daily tending.  It starts with the soil and the quality of the seed I plant there.  What am I planting to get the desired result?

Today I'm sharing with:


  1. Cool shot and great quote - very true!!

  2. Great quote.....you are so right on about our hearts needing daily tending...A chore we don't like to deal but when the job is done with the loving hands of the Father, we do produce a harvest pleasing to Him.....

  3. Great visual ... we need to watch both our walk and our talk.

  4. Amen! Very actually accurate wording. And very important to place in my heart.

  5. Food for thought. And cute feet. Great visual, as Susan said.


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