June 23, 2012

Leaving a Legacy

"Every time you walk out of a room, you leave a legacy." ~ Alistair Begg

When I think of leaving a legacy, I usually think of these girls and the rest of my nieces and nephews.

One often thinks of their children when they think about the legacy they are leaving.  Since I don't have children of my own I often think about my siblings' children and how I might affect their lives for the better.  More than anything I want them to know they are loved by their creator and loved by me.  Nothing will change that.

I'm beginning to realize however that just as the quote above says, my actions moment by moment are contributing to the legacy I leave no matter where I am or who I am with.  I'm not the type of person who lights up a room when they arrive.  I am somewhat reserved and guarded, but even with a reserved personality, I can leave a place better off than when I arrived.  I want to be more deliberate about taking my mind off of myself and putting it on Christ and the people he has placed in my path everywhere I find myself.

I am finding that pursuing excellence for the cause of Christ takes deliberate work.  We don't passively become all that he intends for us to become.  So my challenge today and in the days ahead is to remember the legacy I am leaving in each place I occupy.  Yes, definitely in the lives of my family, I want to do better and be more deliberate in how I affect their lives, but also in all the lives that are not coincidentally placed along my way.


  1. To so infuse the air around me with the aroma of His presence,
    that He may linger still in the hearts of those I've been with,
    long after I have moved on -
    this is the desire of my heart (and His).

    Beautiful words here....Thank you, Stephani

  2. I loved your post and picture. Leaving a Legacy is the name of my blog!

  3. Good spiritual processing in terms of touching those who are in your life, being a consistent foundation. Take consistent effort, sometimes frustrating or difficult, but planting godly seed in their hearts will turn them towards our Lord more and more. Thank you.

  4. i have a feeling you leave loveliness,
    sparks of aliveness that grow love for Him,
    everywhere you go
    simply by being
    exactly who you are:)
    thanks for sharing the beauty that is you,

  5. After having taught in a Christian school for ten years, I think we will be very surprised when (if) we find out in which lives we have influenced and why. So often, the students I didn't think were listening, well, they were and in ways I never suspected. I wonder whether our greatest legacy isn't the one we leave without being aware, by just living our lives and loving Christ.

    Visiting from Spiritual Sundays

  6. What a great post!
    Beautiful nieces! :)

  7. What pretty young ladies and how lucky they are to have you as their Aunt. Another lovely post, and such truth!

  8. Amazing quote. I'm copying it in my journal. I do believe we have a responsibility to the children and young people in our family. My nieces and nephews are special to me, too.


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