May 26, 2012

Be Better Than Yourself

"Develop your own style.  No one has had the life experiences you have had; no one has the contributions to make that you can make.  So it's not a question of being better than someone else.  Excellence demands that you be better than yourself."
~ Ted Engstrom ~

I have posted recently about laziness and self-discipline as I have struggled to focus and understand God's will for my life. I've simply just been trying to figure it all out and bring my whole life towards his purposes. And WOW he has come through as loudly as a clap of thunder, but as gently as raindrops falling on a flower petal.  He is transforming me in ways I never thought possible, but then again what is impossible for man is possible for God.  I am on a journey toward excellence, not perfection, but excellence as a daughter of a king. Someday I want to stand before him and bow my head in honor, not in shame. I hope you will join me in this journey.

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  1. Beautiful words.
    Beautiful thought.
    Beautiful photo.

  2. I love how you said, "excellence, not perfection." Short, sweet and powerful entry!

    I think of you often and hope that things are well in your "corner of the world."

  3. Be Better than Yourself! Wow! That makes me stop and think!

  4. What you've written says so much in so few words. Love it !
    May you be blessed on your journey to God.

  5. Wonderful challenge today!

  6. beautiful thought. And I'm in!!!

  7. What I feel is true in my own life is that my greatest level of excellence comes through discovering the truth of who I am and living that truth--only possible with my hand in the Lord's. (((Hugs))), Peg


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