May 18, 2012


Perspective is a word that we photographers use quite a bit.  It simply means looking at the subject of your focus from a different point of view or different angle and capturing the image in such a way that the photograph will give the viewer a unique look at the subject.  I love this photo I took of a sand volleyball court with my picnic blanket in the foreground.  I could have just stood in front of the volleyball court and taken a photo of the net, but I have learned that one of the keys to making good photographs is looking at my subject from different angles or points of view to capture a unique perspective.  It makes for more interesting photography.  Photography has truly changed the way I look at things.  I often say that I view my physical world through a lens.

For the last month the Lord has really been dealing with me on the issue of self-discipline.  I've written a couple of posts about it.  And today as I think about this word perspective, and what it means to me as a photographer, I have begun to wonder if I can use perspective to change my attitude in regards to self-discipline or anything else I am tackling.  I've been looking at things all wrong.  I've been looking at them from the same perspective I always have, thus the reason I've been getting the same results.  So I've challenged myself  to look at things from a different perspective.  To put myself in a different set of shoes so to speak, and take a look at what it is I am doing.  I wonder, is there anything in your life that you have been trying to tackle the same old way and you find yourself getting nowhere?  Maybe changing your perspective and looking at the situation differently will help.

Today, I'm joining Five Minute Friday where we are given a word prompt and asked to write for five minutes flat without working about making our post perfect. Today's word prompt was PERSPECTIVE.


  1. Vert beautiful photo and an encouraging post :)

  2. "And today as I think about this word perspective, and what it means to me as a photographer, I have begun to wonder if I can use perspective to change my attitude in regards to self-discipline or anything else I am tackling." I feel beautifully challenged by this! Love your thoughts here.

  3. Great point not not tackle things the same old way. I love thay picnic pic.

  4. Great perspective in the image - and in your words...

  5. I think it's easy to get stuck in a rut sometimes. Changing the way we do things is a great way to see with new eyes! Lovely photo!

  6. Stephani,
    Perspective is everything!
    I imagine with everything that you are going through right now keeping a check on your perspective is essential for peace of mind.
    I continue to hold you close and pray for all those you love.
    ~ a

  7. Love this, Stephani. Without knowing there just might be a good word to define it, I've been working on changing my perspective on things too. I'm amazed at how much harder it is to get out of bad or unfruitful "ruts" the older I get. I guess because I'm stubborn and set in my ways! And, I find that sometimes others don't particularly like my change because it means sometimes seeing and doing things differently from them, however gently I possibly can. I'm ever-learning that I truly have One to please and honor. Thank you for this, my OK friend!


  8. Simplicity--sunshine, fresh linens, and grass. I'm there now.

  9. I like the photo as well! And getting all those thoughts down in 5 minutes without it becoming a confused mess can be a challenge, but I think you nailed it. This gives me something to ponder, and I truly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Hey!! It's been forever since I visited your blog, I have just been too busy for visiting blogs as of late!! But this long weekend I am working on relaxing some. :) Great post about perspective, and yes being a photographer nerd and novice I do get what you are saying! And I have been trying so hard to look at my situation differently and as God would see it! :) Thanks for the reminder! :)


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