April 11, 2012


Being separated after 60 years of marriage is heartbreaking.

It's heartbreaking for Dad who doesn't even really understand why the separation is taking place.  He just knows that when mom visits him and then leaves through the secure door to go back to her room, he isn't allowed to follow. 

And he gets mad.

It's heartbreaking for Mom to be of sound mind, fragile body, and alone.  The hours pass like years and she doesn't know what to do with herself.  Visiting Dad every day helps her some, but it hurts her some too.

It's heartbreaking for me.  Wishing there was a way that they could actually live together in the same place, but not seeing any other answers, I pray that God will show me another way, if there is one. 

I want to stop the pain.  I want to fix the problems.  But, that isn't really my job.  I leave these things at the foot of the cross and pray God will use me in whatever way he will.

Sweet Jesus, move in close to Mom and Dad today.  I pray your presence will be so close that they can almost reach out and touch you.  Bring moments of joy today that they will actually recognize as gifts.  Strengthen their faith.  Encourage them.  Remind them that you aren't done with them and that as long as they are on this earth, there is work to be done.  Make their lives count.

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