April 17, 2012

Governor's Commendation

On February 20th I wrote about how the Medical Association wanted to present Dad with an award, but because of his Alzheimer's he was unable to attend the event.

I'm thankful that we were able to make a celebration of it, and that I didn't just have to present the award to him alone in his room. Instead, we had our own little celebration at my niece's house.

We had the certificate framed and presented it to Dad at dinner.  The Governor's Commendation for 50 years of service to the medical community.

He was thrilled.  And every time I go to visit him he points at it and asks me if I've seen it.  He's proud of it and he should be.  He has been a servant of God and his fellow man all of his life.

Way to go Dad!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of my father.  The privilege of being raised by such a great man of God.  A man who was burdened by the spiritual and physical needs of others and could truly by called a physician with a pastor's heart. 

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