March 5, 2012

Continuing the Count

Simply continuing the count of blessings . . .

A gift at breakfast, a gift at lunch, a gift at dinner:

1151.  A tummy growl to let me know it's time to eat!
1152.  Hubby coming to get me for lunch and taking me to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
1153.  Hubby's homemade pizza. (Can we repeat on our gratitude list?  I'm sure I've thanked God for this more than once!

Three gifts white:

1154.  Snow, of which we only had one day of this year.  I sure missed winter!
1155.  Our 1999 Honda Accord.  It is white, it has almost a quarter million miles on it, and it is still going strong.
1156.  My mother's hair.  She has the prettiest white hair that goes with her vivid blue eyes.

Three gifts that changed the day:

1157.  A beautiful sunset filling the sky with orange
1158.  Alleve.  Cure for a throbbing headache.
1159.  Sitting next to an old friend.  Reconnecting.

A gift of tin, of glass, of wood:

1160.  The old tin cans we had as kids.  I so remember playing kick the can in our cul-de-sac, and the can was not made of aluminium!
1161.  The 9x13 glass Pyrex dish that is in the oven right now.  Dinner ready in an hour!
1162.  My new front door that will soon be painted red.

Three gifts before 11:00 AM:

1163.  A breakfast buffet
1164.  Sitting with co-workers I don't often see. (The division I work in has about 125 employees.)
1165.  An excellent keynote speaker.

A gift nearly worn out, a gift new, a gift made-do:

1166.  A t-shirt I bought on my honeymoon.  It will never be worn out as far as I'm concerned.
1167.  A pink sweater
1168.  Baking soda, a great toothpaste substitute when you are in a pinch and haven't gotten to the store.

Three gifts seen as reflections:

1169.  A call from the American Medical Association who wanted to honor my dad.  Truly a reflection of his years as a physician.
1170.  Old photos of my Mom.  Dad sees them as a reflection of me.
1171.  Old stories at a friend's funeral.  Reflections of a vivid life.

Three ugly-beautiful gifts:

1172.  Alzheimer's.  In spite of what it has taken, it has given me much.
1173.  Mom's loneliness.  An opportunity to serve.
1174.  A recent funeral.  Relationships renewed there.

Three gifts from the past that help you trust the future:

1175.  Two visions.
1176.  Answers to prayer.
1177.  Looking back and knowing that God has preserved what he saved.

A gift dull, a gift shimmering, a gift cleaned:

1178.  My wedding ring.  It was looking kind of dull so I cleaned it and now it is shimmering : ) !

Three gifts at 3:00 PM

1179.  Getting to leave work early
1180.  No rush hour traffic
1181.  An afternoon nap

Three gifts green:

1182.  The lime green t-shirt I am wearing right now!
1183.  Green beans cooking on the stove-top
1184.  My dining room walls

Three gifts wore:

1185.  Hubby's socks. : )
1186.  Old sweat pants
1187.  My perfume "Brilliance" by Jessica McClintock.  I love all of her fragrances.

Three gifts hard to give thanks for:

1188.  The lessons the Holy Spirit is currently teaching me.
1189.  A certain co-worker who is hard to love.  I heard it said that you only love God as much as the person you love the least.  Ouch!  This relationship is teaching me a lot and challenging me to put 1 Corinthians 13 into practice with ALL people.
1190.  Past mistakes.  They are gifts because they are lessons learned.

(Sorry, no photos this week!)


  1. A beautiful list of your blessings...

  2. I agree with Nancy~this is a beautiful list...and just what I needed to read this morning.

    Blessings to you, Stephani! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Love your list! I am with you on #1158! And #1160 - you played kick-the-can too? Those were the days when children could stay outside late without their parents.

  4. I'm typing from a laptop in florida with slow internet speed...I love your lists, not only because they are so beautiful, but they give me time to think about my blessings too...I know I have said this before, but your comments about your parents are so touching, so kind, so loving...What a blessing you must be to them.

  5. Stopping by...FINALLY...after you dropped in on me a few weeks ago. A great list of blessings. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Just want you to know that you blessed me a few weeks ago.


    I will never forget.

    Sweet dreams,


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