February 13, 2012

Still Giving Thanks

"He will give you all you  need from day to day if you live for him and make the kingdom of God your primary concern." ~ Matthew 6:33

Still giving thanks by counting gifts.  I'm on my way to 2000.

Three gifts found outside:

1109.  A parking place in the front row

1110.  Workmen hanging the new siding

1111.  Finally, a cold snap, a reminder that winter always comes

Three gifts red:

1112.  A red door

1113 & 1114.  Two vintage metal chairs painted red to match the door

A gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted:

1115.  My big toenail.  Once or twice a year, my right toenail breaks of at the base for no apparent reason.   I don't know what causes it, and it is a real pain both literally and figuratively.  Have you ever thought about what a gift our toenails are?

1116.  My dad's phone.  I gave my dad a phone so that he could enjoy getting phone calls and having someone help him make phone calls.  It broke, but hubby fixed it!

1117. A table lamp.  We are simplifying and whittling down our possessions. If we have to store it, and we haven't used it in a long time, and it is not of significant sentimental value (and I mean significant like photos) we are getting rid of it.   Hubby has been working in the attic.  There have been many items finding their way to the auction pile, but this lamp was a gift from my mother.  I don't need it so now someone else can enjoy it!

Three gifts that were surprises - unexpected grace!

1118.  A new opportunity at work

1119.  Twice this week I have been told  I have beautiful hair.  SHOCK!  Why such a shock?  I have very, very thin fine hair.  I mean so thin that when I wear it down I have to work to make sure my scalp is totally covered. If I could change one thing about my physical appearance and one thing only, it would be my hair.  I wouldn't change much; I just need a little more.  I will probably be wearing a wig or hats when I get old! 

1120.  A surprise visit from my husband at work

Three times you heard laughter:

1121.  While working on crafts with Dad.   Lots of funny stuff going on in that activity room with those Alzheimer's patients!

1122.  While watching a rerun of the Andy Griffith show.  Barney Fife is the best!

1123.  My husband makes me laugh daily.  I can't think of a specific from this week; it just happens all of the time.  We have a very playful relationship.

Three gifts found in working:

1124.  A situation that has allowed me to realize I don't need to be intimidated by certain people

1125.  New relationships with faculty

1126.  New appointment software

Three hard eucharisteos:

1127.  Looking back on my life and now seeing what God was trying to show me all along.  I think so much time has been lost because I didn't see or maybe didn't obey.  I think different choices would have been made.  But, what a gift that my eyes have been opened and I know I am right in the center of his will, and I can live more intentionally.

1128.  Having God search my heart and facing what he unearths.  A gift to have this kind of God.  A gift to make changes, but sometimes hard to see the ugliness in me sometimes.

1129.  The diamond on my left hand.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. What a lovely, lovely list......sharing time with your Dad, simplifying your life (how smart!), sharing laughter with your Hubby, your entire list brought a smile to my heart! Happy, happy week!

    1. Thanks Lea! By the way, I'm following you on Pinterest now!

  2. Sweet list, I love the way you are incorporating the Joy List. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

  3. How beautiful to read all the ways God is blessing you and I am sure you are blessing Him because you are being thankful.

    I love the Joy List..

    Happy Valentine' Day...

  4. This is such a great idea...I would love to try it and incorporate pictures...I think I said it before, your sweet blessings make me think about my own. And yes, I agree, Barney Fife is the best! I have the shows on DVD and know the lines by heart. Happy valentines Day!

  5. Lovely to have you visit me...I live in South Africa and it is nearing the end of summer so it is great to have a few tomatoes to pick still!

  6. Glad you were able to get your new siding on! And that your husband was able to fix your dad's phone. We always debated about getting a phone for my mom but in the end, we didn't because we didn't think she'd know how to use it anymore. Before she moved out of her house, she would sometimes call her sister and complain about all us kids always being at her house and never leaving her alone, as if she were a child. I can laugh about the irony of it all now.

    So I also relate to the funny stuff that goes on in a craft room with Alzheimer's patients. :-) Despite the tragedy of it, it can also be a lot of fun hanging out with these precious folks. I had lots of good times visiting in Assisted Living; I genuinely miss the new friends I'd made there (and to many of them, I was a "new" friend every day!).

    That Barney Fife. He always makes me laugh too.

    Great list.

  7. Great list! I especially love #1122. We're HUGE Andy Griffith fans and laugh out loud when Barney hits the screen. I also love the honesty of #1128. I can certainly relate.


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