February 6, 2012

Gratitude in Vintage Photos

Three old things seen new:

1088.  My mother.  When I look at this old baby picture of her I catch myself tracing every part of her face and body and comparing it to the 82 year old woman she is now.  I hear myself saying, "Those are the same eyes, the same cheeks, the same hands that I see today, and she is just about as vulnerable as this little baby."
1089.  The old desk that we had in our home growing up.  I have it in storage, but it is coming out to be my new hair and makeup table.
1090.  I've had dreams about two old friends recently, friends that I haven't kept in touch with.  It has given me a new desire to get in touch, and pray for them.


A gift found on a paper, in a person, in a picture:

1091. A note written by my father that I found while cleaning his room, "Cal on Stephame."  He has Alzheimer's.  He can't call me, but he can sure make a note telling himself not to forget to.
1092.  The head nurse at the memory support unit where my dad lives is faithful to tell me what a joy my dad is, and how he ministers to the other patients by leading them in prayer, talking with and settling them down when they are upset, loving the workers.
1093. An old photo of my grandfather at age 17.  He's the one on the right. He sure was handsome!


A gift found at 11:30 a.m., at 2:30 p.m. at 6:30 p.m.:

1094. Lunch with Mom
1095. Watching Dad win a game of dominoes
1096. Leftover baby back ribs

Three things overheard, all gifts:

1097.  The sound of workmen as they finally begin putting on the new siding
1098.  Jack sitting alone in the activity room singing at the top of his lungs
1099.  Church bells playing, "He Made Something Beautiful Out Of My Life" as I left to take my lunch break at work

Three gifts found in writing:

1100.  "I want you to know that we all enjoy your father very much."
1101.  "He must have been a very caring physician."
1102.  "We all love to hear him sing, and it always brings a joyful tear when he leads us in prayer."

Three gifts found when bent down:

1103.  Old photographs found in a basket at Mom's apartment
1104.  Kisses from my puppy. (Otherwise known as slobbery wet licks on my face.)
1105.  Humility

One gift stitched, one hammered, one woven:

1106.  The old feed sack quilt that my in-laws gave me
1107.  The new siding. Can you tell I'm excited about it? 
1108.  The golden thread of the Abrahamic covenant woven clear throughout scripture


  1. Oh, Stephani, once again I am blessed by my visit here. I love your reflections on your parents.


  2. What a sweet and encouraging post...I am so glad I came over for a visit...

  3. Your family photos are wonderful.

    And so are you.

    Thank you!

    Sweet dreams,


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