January 30, 2012

Joy Dare

Today I continue the Joy Dare as I count to 2000.

Three gifts found in Christ:

1067.  redemption
1068.  abundant life
1069.  eternal life with him

Three things blue:

1070.  blueberries in blueberry coffee cake
1071.  my dinnerware, Nikko Tea Roses
1072.  blue jeans


One grace borrowed, one grace found, one grace inherited:

1073.  a cup of sugar (or whatever else I'm out of).  I have the kind of neighbor that I can call and say, "Hey, I'm baking and I need a cup of sugar but I only have 1/2 cup."  It's kinda nice.

1974.  my favorite children's book.  I found the book that was my favorite as a child. It is called, "Little Mommy." I found it while cleaning out the final items that belonged to Mom and Dad.  I always loved pretending to be a Mommy.  That's all I ever wanted to be.

1975.  my grandmother's ears.  I have perfect hearing, at least that's what the doctors told me when I got my hearing tested.  My mother used to always say, "You have ears like Nana."  She would say this when she was trying to say something under her breath and I would always hear her.  I just dare you to try and whisper around me!

A gift before 9:00 AM, a gift before noon, a gift after dark:

1976.  the smart alarm on my phone.  I can set my alarm on my phone such that 5-30 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off, it will turn on a night light and begin to play soft nature sounds.  This way I can now wake up gently!

1977.  a cup of hot tea at work, usually around 10:00 AM

1078.  my perfect pillow

Three gifts that might never have been:

1079.  my life!  My mother was on birth control when she got pregnant with me (I'm the youngest of 4). I'm glad she valued the sanctity of life, and that God had a purpose for my life.

1080.  my name.  My mother almost named me Audrey.  But that would have been okay because that was my grandmother's name.

1081.  my relationship with my husband.  If his work schedule hadn't conflicted with his duties of being a single father, he might not have gotten a new job which led him to me!

Three graces found in your friends:

1082.  a listening ear regardless of the time or distance between us

1083.  my best friends are also my relatives

1084.  unconditional love

A song heard, a soft word, where you saw light:

1085.  my husband singing Funiculi Funicula

1086.  "Speak Lord - your servant is listening."

1087.  during my visit and prayer time with Edna

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  1. Love your list, Stephani. Interesting to see what might never have been. I'll have to arrange my Joy Dare list according to Ann's prompts. You have some beautiful touches.


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