January 22, 2012

Above the Falls

You may remember the photos of the waterfall I posted the other day.  You can find them here if not.

The photos in this set were taken above the falls.  The falls were just a few feet behind me as I took these.

The water looks quite still and almost frozen like in these photos.  That is because I slowed the shutter speed way down to give sort of a glassy appearance.  I sure had fun playing around with my camera that day, learning what I could do with shutter speed etc.

I hope you sense the peacefulness of that place when you look at these.




(By the way, has anyone else been having problems with their photos not looking as sharp once they've been uploaded to the blog?  On my computer, and in my Picasa album these look sharp as a tack, but when I uploaded them to my blog they look kinda fuzzy to me. So, to try to fix the problem I uploaded them to Flickr and attached them from there.  This cleared them up a bit.)

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  1. Peaceful indeed, Stephani. And very, very lovely. I'm always so happy and encouraged by your blog.
    Many blessings,

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful pics, your blog is always filled with peacefullness. Just fyi, I have started using google chrome for blogging, it works much better than explorer.

  3. "He leads me beside still waters".


  4. Oh, wow! This is just beautiful! SO glad to have you joining the Sunday community at Jumping Tandem.

    I'm no photography expert, but yes - I think my photos are sharper in iPhoto and in Picnik, and even in Flickr.)

  5. Such a peaceful series. I like what you did by slowing the shutter speed.

    I've noticed the same thing with mine when uploaded.

  6. Your photos are so perfectly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. God Bless you!

  7. Now that is a place I want to be. Beautiful Stephani and the "'wilderness" verse--loved it. Sure am glad you played with your shutter speed!

  8. I can't believe I missed these beautiful photos when you posted them....peace beyond words.

  9. These are glorious Stephani. Simply wow.

  10. These are gorgeous ... I definitely sense the peacefulness here, so encouraging ... and yes, they look nice and sharp! Wonderful job, Stephanie! Have a blessed week! :)

  11. Very nice! I'm not a photographer so I'm in awe. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Perfect for the scripture. Thank you for sharing them.


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