November 2, 2011

Scripture Candy

Wow!  Two posts in one week.  Something must be wrong with me, or maybe something is right with me!

So, how did you all spend Halloween night?

I have to be honest.  For the last few years, I have turned off the porch lights and left home for the evening.  That is until this year.  I grew up trick-or-treating and had so much fun with it, but in the last several years I have grown to believe that celebrating Halloween is in contradiction to my faith.  I know others have felt this way, thus the onslaugth several years ago of the Harvest Celebrations  and trunk or treats celebrated at church which give children an opportunity to trick-or-treat and play games in a fun, friendly, non-gory, non-zombiefied atmosphere.  Since I don't have kids, it has been real easy to just turn of the lights and avoid all of the hoopla.

This year was different.  I've started a new tradition that I wanted to share with you.  It is nothing new really.  I'm sure many of you may do the same thing, but it is new for us.

My husband shared with me one of his fondest Halloween memories, and that memory was of an elderly lady in the neighborhood who bought full-size candy bars and placed them on a fancy cake plate.  She would then let the children choose which full-size bar they wanted.  Of course the kids were wide-eyed at the proposition of getting a full-sized bar and being able to choose it to boot!  So, I thought since this made such an impact on my husband, I would do the same thing with a twist.  My husband looked up a couple of good scriptures, typed them up on little cards, and we taped them on the back of the candy bars.  I placed all of the candy bars on a platter and let each child pick the one they wanted.

So, on Halloween morning before work I got up and started some beef stew in the crock pot so it would be hot and ready to eat that evening.  We ate stew and waited for the kiddos to come knocking on our door. It was a lot of fun for both of us, and I felt good about using this event to bring attention to God and his word.

Here is a photo of my coffee table.  You can see my little pilgrims there.  You can't see the scripture cards here, but they are taped to the back of the bars.  By the way, that Woodwick candle smells tremendous!

So do you have any Halloween traditions?


  1. That's an excellent idea!

  2. What a great idea! I'm sure the kids will always remember it.

  3. When i grew up in Chicago, Halloween was quite the event, starting right out after school with our empty pillow cases and going strong until fun, especially since the houses were so close together. Here, our driveway is so looooong, that we just had two, wet, weary souls. Love the full size bara and scritpures, something to remember for next years lucky visitors!

  4. amen...if you're going to pass out candy this is the way to do it! :)

  5. Love this, Stephani! I too have been conflicted about Halloween. We've trick or treated with the kiddos each year, but avoided the obviously scary houses. Just don't feel that anything bloody and gory and deathlike brings any glory to God. This year we did a trunk or treat at our new church and it was fun. But I LOVE your new tradition and will store that one up in my brain. Also wanted to share this post regarding Halloween that was very thought-provoking this year.

    (I like that there are two "mountain mamas" commenting here!)


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