November 5, 2011

Another Move

Another move is about to take place for Dad.  I found out today that they will be moving him to the Memory Care wing of the transitional living community where he lives.  This move will take place on Tuesday.  I'm sick with a sore throat, cough, and congestion.  Missed work yesterday.  Fortunately my sister arrived last night, but with the short notice that he will be moving in 3 days, we are in a scramble to buy him a bed, and recliner for his new room.  We will have to move some other items from Mom's apartment to Dad's new home.  My sister is leaving tomorrow.  It will be back on my shoulders again.

Dad has had significant problems in recent days with losing time.  Mom can be visiting with him for 3 or 4 hours and then just a few hours later he doesn't even recall that she has been there.  He then gets beside himself with worry and wonder about where she is at.

Now that Mom is on her own, I am calling her a few times a day rather than just once.  I go to their place 3 times a week, and now am beginning to call Dad every evening.  My primary reason for calling is to put him at ease because it is usually the late afternoon and/or evening when he becomes distressed about where he is at, and wondering about where Mom is.

Yesterday he told me, "I depend on you to tell me what my position is."  I understand what he means.  He knows something is amiss and he trusts me to keep him in balance.  However, it is a tough task because he gets out of balance daily, and I have to bring him back into the sense that everything is okay and being taken care of.  I'm thankful for the time I've had with him over the last several years.  I've developed a relationship with him that has led to his unwavering trust in me.  I hope this continues, but I know the nature of this disease may cause him to lose trust in me as well.  In fact, if he lives long enough, he very likely will absolutely forget who I am altogether.

"Jesus, go before us this week.  Put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Give Dad peace and comfort during this new transition.  Cover Mom with your tender care.  Sustain them in this very traumatic time in their lives.  Amen"

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