September 21, 2011

Gratitude and Glass

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. ~ Ansel Adams

I guess in the last few days I've been content with silence.  Sometimes I feel like my blog is driving me instead of me driving my blog.  Through prayer, I've decided that this quote is more than a quote.  It needs to be a guiding principle for this blog.  When God gives me words I'll share them.  When photographs tell the story, I'll tell it, but I won't post just to post.  This means I may post less, or it may mean I'll post more, but either way I hope it means what you find here is worthwhile.  There have been days when I've looked at my "linking up" page to determine what I will post that day.  I don't intend to do that anymore because I want my posts to flow from my heart.  I'll look at my link up page after I finish my post, and if the post fits something I can link up to, then that's great, but I don't want to be driven by that.  I feel freer already.  Freer to share whatever is on my heart and mind.  I feel the pressure lifting.

So today, I want to continue my gratitude list.  It's not Monday when I usually post it, but that's okay because gratitude is what I have on my mind.  Still counting to 1000 and beyond.

921.  fresh peanut butter with no sugar added

922.  my favorite black raspberry jam by Smuckers Simply Fruit

923.  a peanut butter, butter, and jelly sandwich

924.  grocery shopping for Mom and Dad

925.  filling Mom's pill box every week

926.  text messages and emails to my niece who is off at college

927.  rising early

928.  sunrises

929.  a trip to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art with Sunday school members

930.  colorful glass sculptures

931.  The Passages exhibit.  A must see if it comes to your town.  A journey with the Bible from the 2nd century to the present.  It is life changing.

932.  The Michael Eastman exhibit.  Humbling to see as a newbie photographer.  Motivating and life-changing.

933.  Taking pictures of a Waterford crystal chandelier through the mirror.  They didn't turn out very well, but fun to try.  I started looking for wider angle lenses after this : )  The one I used is considered wide angle, but didn't really quite get what I was trying for.

934.  spending 5 hours at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the OU football game and the Mayweather/Ortiz boxing match.

935.  Pinterest.  I signed up on Pinterest, and yes it can easily become an addictive time waster.  If you are following me on Pinterest I apologize now for the pinning frenzy I have been on lately.  I have been amazed at how these virtual cork boards have already inspired me.  I've found motivation and inspiration for my creativity there,  I've seen so many beautiful things that make me drop my jaw in awe of God's beauty, and it's just a lot of fun.  Again, it definitely has potential to be a huge time waster just like any internet activity so I am going to have to watch that and stick to my planner.  You can check out my Pinterest boards here.
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936.  visit to the eye doctor after 3 years (I'm ready for bifocals)

937.  picking out new eyeglass frames

938.  anticipating the arrival of new glasses after wearing the same ones for 5 years

939.  beginning a new Bible study

940.  the book of Acts

941.  the gift of the Holy Spirit

942.  the presence of the Holy Spirit

943.  the power of the Holy Spirit

944.  the comfort of the Holy Spirit

945.  the guidance of the Holy Spirit

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  1. I've enjoyed your thoughts and photos. The glasswork is a source of amazement.

  2. Ah, Stephani, this post drew me in with your blog's guiding principle. Feeling freer to share what is on your heart and mind worked for this post.
    I am also enjoying the Book of Acts! Glad I stopped by today...
    Blessings to you, dear friend!

  3. love your list of blessings and about blogging from the heart~


    those sculptures are amazing!

  4. Inspiring. The list of blessings and the photos!

  5. Those sculptures are so colorful!

  6. I can so relate to posting when I feel I have something worthwhile to say - not posting to post. I have tried to adopt this philosophy IS freeing. These are beautiful photo and lovely words, my friend.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. I'm excited for you as you post from your heart.

    I love your gratitude list.

    Picking out new frames will be fun.

    A new Bible study is always welcome.
    On Wednesday nights our Pastor is going through the book of Acts.
    (Chapter by chapter, verse by verse)

    I am now following you on Pinterest.
    I was totally addicted to it for 2 weeks.
    I still love it, but think I've slowed down some.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Beautiful post and stunning photos. Share whatever makes your heart sing and it will be a joy to your and others.

  9. What an amazing sculpture this is Stephani!
    I love your gratitude list too!

  10. that sculpture is so neat and you did a great job capturing it.

    beautiful post :)

  11. I could comment on so much...first, I love the photo of you in the mirror. I'm learning more about the Holy Spirit's role in my life. I love the works of Dale Chihuly. And I need to tell myself daily that my blog is for fun, to share the joy in something I saw, a creative outlet, Not an obligation. I'm avoiding pinterest!

  12. Love these glass sculpture photos. But I also love the one of you in the mirror. It's always fun shopping for new camera lenses, isn't it?

  13. Love that phenomenal shot looking up at that towering Chihuly. I feel like I get to know you a little bit each time you add to your gratitude list.

  14. I am so late! I love your pics in this post. The blue and yellow reminds me of the Corning Glass Museum in NY!


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