September 2, 2011

Too Many Pillows

I've been off work all week.  I know when I get back to the office on Tuesday, everyone is going to ask me, "Well, did you get all caught up on your rest?"  With my responsibilities to my parents and other projects, everyone knows I have a lot on my plate.  It seems lately, the more I have to do, the more paralyzed I begin to feel, and I just can't relax.

I might lay down for a Sunday afternoon nap, but I feel guilty about it because of all that needs to be tended to.  I've been thinking, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this, that if I had less to do, I would be more rested.

But a surprising thing happened this week.  I have worked hard, harder than I probably would have had I been at the office.  I've been getting caught up on my to do list, checking items off one by one. There have been some pretty large projects on that list.  One would think I would be exhausted as hard as I have been working.  And yes, I am pretty tired physically, but amazingly I feel much  more rested mentally and spiritually.  The to do items being eliminated from my mind have freed up space for mental and spiritual rest.

It is a bit like this photo I took of a love seat that was for sale at a tea room I recently visited.  It looks like a fabulous place to sit, maybe even pick my legs up off the floor and rest a bit, but the pillows have overtaken it, and made it impossible to use as anything other than a pretty thing to look at.  My to do list has been like the pillows on the love seat, distractions that are simply in the way, keeping me from relaxing. Getting rid of them one by one, has created a soft place to lie down.

Jesus says to come to him for rest. He doesn't say sit there and wait, and I'll bring rest to you. So, I think for me, action has proved to be more restful than sitting still waiting for the items on my list to disappear on their own. 

I'm joining 5 Minute Friday where we write for 5 minutes flat.  Today's theme is REST.


  1. great! i too often find once i start marking things off "that" list how much better i feel...seems to help me sleep better too!!

    blessings to you~

  2. Stephanie, you have just described my life for the past couple of years - and just now on overload! I've even scaled back my freelance work since I've taken on a teaching position, but I haven't been able to clear the couch - so to speak. I think my weariness is the lack of down time mentally. And now that school is started again, I've just had a couple of new time and creative intensive projects thrown onto my lap. With deadlines. I'm exhausted. Don't you wish someone would pay you to come up with creative posts and keep up with your circle of friends in Blogworld?
    Hoping for a cat nap this weekend . . . guilt free . . .

  3. So thankful you are getting some things checked off of your list!

  4. I love your comparison to having too many pillows in the way -- brilliant!

    Please take some time for yourself during the long weekend, Stephani. Take a walk, or a nap -- whatever will help you to feel energized and rested. It's a necessary part of life. :)

  5. Oh, Stephanie, I can so relate to this. My brother has been here the past 3 days and I've been using this time to mark things off of my list. And you are so right, it does free up space for emotional and physical rest. I love this entry! Blessings my friend!

  6. I like this analogy. I have never been a sit and wait kinda gal either ;)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I'm having a BALL on your blog tonight! Stephani, this one, for me, has got to be one of the most favorite things of what you've written. Your last paragraph...priceless and quotable. This seems to be the story of my life since we've made our move to NM. Because of it, the Lord has handed me the opportunity on a silver platter to simplify. And one by one, item by item, the "clutter" has been removed and afforded me a closer walk with Him. I'm finding rest in him again, finding joy in the life he's blessed me with again, and discovering where my heart is with him more and more. Ahhh...yes, very cute pillows, but they completely negate the purpose of the love seat. Beautiful metaphor.


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