September 9, 2011

My Life With Skin On It

I don't like it when we refer to our lives outside of blogging as our "real life" as if somehow this is not real life.  It may be a fake world or a pretend world for some people; I know they are out there, but for me, it's just another part of my every day life.  I've met some very real people through blogging, people with real families, real joys, real pains, real needs.  Several of them have become my friends, and they have shown their friendships in very real ways.    So, I would rather refer to my "real life" as my life with skin on it!  So here is a totally random list of things about me - things you may or may not know about me, and that may or may not be reflected on my blog.

~I love Jesus!
~I am creative.
~I love photography and photo editing.
~I love writing.
~I love pink. 
~ I often feel overwhelmed, but I know Who to take my burdens to!
~My kitchen is pink, green, and white. (Not unlike my blog design!)
~I have a pink Kitchen Aid mixer.
~ My house is not pristine, but it is good enough.
~I live a very simple life.

~I have a small house with two bedrooms, 1 bath, and a one car garage.
~No TV.
~I have LOTS of scrapbooking stuff covering two walls of our extra bedroom.
~And 4 vehicles.  Yes I did say that I only had a 1 car garage.
~I have a Master's degree. (I'm highly educated and underpaid).
~I've worked at the same place for 20 years.
~My father has Alzheimer's.
~My mother has Parkinson's.
~Sometimes I wish my parents were young again, and that I could be taken care of instead.
~Being an aunt is the best!
~I am an encourager.
~I am a burden bearer for others.
~I drink about 3 mugs of hot tea a day.
~I schedule every minute of the day, it is the only way I can discipline myself.  If I don't, I end up in la la land.
~I schedule with a pencil that has an eraser. (It's important to be flexible.)
~I have a big planner, and I carry it everywhere.
~I am as comfortable in high heels as I am in fishing gear.
~I don't have many girlfriends that live nearby.
~My husband is my best friend.
~I love pretty things that are feminine.
~I also love to hang out in jeans and a t-shirt.
~My least favorite chore is cleaning the tub.
~I love nature.
~If I were single, my house would probably be decorated in all pastels.  Mostly pink and white.
~But, I'm married to an incredible man who works with his hands a lot, hunts, fishes, and tracks in mud.

~I also have a German Shepherd.  German Shepherds don't go well with Pink and White.
~I spend a lot of time with old people.
~I love anything vintage.
~ I've never been able to have children.
~I believe in spending my time on eternal things. (Only one life, 'twill soon be past.  Only what's done for Christ will last.)  Can you take it with you?
~During the work week I spend one evening at Bible study, 2 evenings helping my folks, and 2 evenings at home.
~Weekends I do a little bit of everything (cleaning, cooking, writing, reading, picture taking, errand running), go to church, spend time with my parents.
~I rise early, and go to bed late.
~I'm not a morning person or a night owl. 
~I have insomnia.
~I'm tired a lot!
~I'm not always in a good mood.
~ Sometimes I eat weird things like my own blue cheese salad concoction.  It has no lettuce in it, but lots of blue cheese crumbles!
~On Saturday mornings I like to have a white space time where I leave the house for 2 hours with my Bible, a journal, and my camera.  Time with God, my thoughts, and the sights.
~I'm the youngest of 4 kids.
~I pray without ceasing.
~ Jesus is invited to every moment of my day, and he never turns down the invitation.
~The only time I listen to music, is in my car.  And even then I'm often listening to talk radio.
~ I'm an Okie.
~ Summer is my least favorite season.
~ I believe everyone is creative whether they have discovered it yet or not.  I was a late bloomer.
~I love my husband immensely.  I think he was custom made just for me.
~I see God's hand in everything.
~I see him in my blog.
~I see him in my life with skin on it.

I'm sure there is more, but I've gone over my 5 minute limit given by Five Minute Friday where today's theme is REAL LIFE.

Is there anything else you'd like to know about me or my life with skin on it?
Feel free to ask!


  1. That photo is quite incredible and your list makes me wish I knew you "for real."

  2. "my life with skin on it" - I LOVE that. And I'll probably borrow the phrase, if you don't mind. :) I've never cared for differentiating between online and "real life" either. As if our online presence is illegitimate. I'm with you; it's very real. And often very dear.

    Still, it's good to get to know you more "with skin on". We actually have a lot in common (and a lot not, too). I love your Saturday morning white space with God. My Saturday morning are currently being spent heading out early to watch my son run cross country.

    Blessings to you.

  3. we have lots in common! :)

    have a great weekend!!

  4. I felt like I already knew you before, Stephani, but now I know you even better. If we lived closer, I've got a strong hunch you and me and both our husbands could hang out together real easy.

  5. Now I have even more reasons to like you. (-:
    We have many similarities, but I'm afraid I'm not too into pink. Maybe because I lived with all males for the last 30 years. I used to describe someone as a "blog friend", but now I have dropped the blog part. We are friends. But I did have to laugh the other day when I mentioned a friend had posted a picture of 40, yes 40, hummingbirds at her feeder. When a "real life" friend asked where the friend with the hummingbirds lived, I said I didn't know. It didn't seem that odd to me, but it did to her. I totally enjoyed reading about you...and if we lived closer I would love to have lunch and grab our cameras and go for a walk!

  6. I found myself if much of your traits, Stephani, except...I am not a planner or a scheduler...I can't be, it makes me crazy to think that I HAVE to do things. I like to wing it. Can you imagine how I live each day with three boys and my husband, not being a scheduler?? HAHA..

    But, that's why...they have to be scheduled {and I, with my school bus driving}. The thing is, with any time that there isn't a schedule for, I must wing it - it gives me peace.

    I enjoyed reading through this and have always considered those who share their heart and life through blogging to be real friends. These are the ones who truly know my heart. I can give quite a giggle to those who see me everyday - but tend to share more of my heart when I write.

    I think that you, I and Anita would really have fun together. I follow her blog, too, and have always felt a connection through her photos.

    Of course, we're connected in our relationship with Jesus...He being the One most important part of our lives.

  7. Yes, all those wonderful things about you and I can attest to the fact that you are an incredibly nice person. You sent my mom a card and she will never forget that act of kindness.
    I have to agree with are my real friend and it is a privilege to pray for you and with you.
    Hope your weekend is restful.

  8. I love it! "Life with skin on". I strive to be the same in my on line world as I am IRL. I think I have accomplished that. Loved getting to know more about you!

  9. This is a great list, Stephani. There's so much about people that we never get to know, even after many years. Perhaps we should all carry our lists around to share when we meet someone new. :)

  10. Love this post! So very true. I have very real friends through blogging. Beautiful pics! Awesome post!

  11. What a totally cool post. Loved reading each thing about you...and I agree...blogging has connected me with some very 'real' people....people with skin......Thanks Stephani for being real...

  12. Enter your zip code here 5024
    Thanks Stephani- it was lovely to "meet" you. As a subscriber I love to read your posts- but this picture painted with words was a beautiful gift- thanks so much! We have things in common for sure- but I could never walk a week in your shoes-isn't it amazing that God gives each of the grace that we individually need for our special journey?
    God add blessings upon blessings into your life as you serve Him so wonderfully and faithfully. You know He rejoices over you with singing, right?
    What keeps me going is this verse: These light afflictions are but for a moment [ 60 years!] but are working for us an exceeding weight of glory. Good to know it will all be worthwhile in the long run!!

  13. So interesting how these lists reveal various aspects of you that we may not have learned through your other posts. Thanks for sharing the burdens and joys of your every day.

  14. What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading through it and getting to know you a little bit. :) So sorry about your parents and all you have on your plate! My husband's Mum has Parkinson's Disease...nasty!! What a tricky thing that both your parents are so afflicted. What a blessing that they have YOU!

    Hang in there!
    Psalm 46:1

  15. So enjoyed reading about your life with skin on it! Makes me wish I could sit with you and enjoy a cup of that tea! Regarding your pencil...a sweet 16 year old said several years ago, "map out your life...but do it in pencil." I feel for you about the girlfriends; the only nearby girlfriend I have is still an hour away. It's been lonely! And I heard John Piper say the, "Only one life..." quote once - and it stuck with me. Your blue cheese thing is hilarious and I see God in your blog too.


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