September 5, 2011

A Day In September

It is . . . the evening of September 4, 2011

Outside my window . . . the sun has dropped low in the sky, but not quite sunset yet.  The temps have also dropped; we're expecting a high of 75 tomorrow.

I am hearing . . . the clink and clank of his dog tag every time my puppy moves

I am wearing . . . khaki shorts, OU football t-shirt, no shoes, hair up in a clip

I am creating . . . a life of order, and more space in my days

I am looking forward to . . . a Labor Day picnic with my husband

I am thankful . . . that God's ways are not my ways, and that when I yield to his ways I always find that they are good and right.  So much time has been wasted in resisiting what I perceived would be difficult to do only to find out that his burden really is light, just as he said it would be.

I am praying . . .  for the leadership of our church as we look for our new pastor.  Our pastor gave his resignation this morning to answer a new call on his life.

I am hoping . . .  recent trends will continue, and that the new routines I've established won't be short lived.

I am remembering . . . when I gave my life to Jesus and accepted with full belief that he is who he says he is.  I was 9 years old.

I am noticing that . . .  bloggers are starting to talk about fall.  I'm not ready for that.

I am reading . . . Romans

Words to think about . . . "For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your hear that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.  As the Scriptures tell us, 'Anyone who believes in him will not be disappointed.' " ~ Romans 10:9-11

A moment from my week . . . a sweet date out with my husband to a Mom and Pop pizza joint and an old fashioned twin theatre.  We went to see a children's movie.  We were the only adults in the theatre who were not attached to several little ones!

Something you may not know about me . . . I went to my first movie when I was in high school.  It was ET.  Although I spent many, many years enjoying every movie I could see at the theatre, I rarely find myself there anymore.  It really used to be a favorite pastime for me, but the Lord really convicted me about spending my time and money to watch things that were not conducive to my spiritual growth.   I decided that if the lifestyles that were depicted in the movie were not acceptable for my own life, then I didn't need to watch other people living that way either.  So as a result it is a rare movie that will actually bring me into the theatre.  They are out there, but they are rare.  I found out about one such movie from my friend Brooke at Mountain Mama.  The movie is called Courageous.  It looks like something I will definitely be checking out.  Go to her blog for more information about it!

One of my favorite things . . . movie theatre popcorn with lots and lots of butter! This I do wish I could get more of!

For my picture journal . . . my puppy asleep in the backseat of our car during our last road trip.  Yes, that is a pillow he is resting his head on, and yes, he is spoiled.


  1. I tried watching ET as a kid from the front row in the theatre. It lasted for about 2 minutes before I moved back to where my mom was sitting.

  2. The pic of your dog is just too precious. Blessings.

  3. So relaxing to read your thoughts here. It is cooler here to...40 tonight. That is way too cold for me for this early in the fall. I noticed people blogging about fall too, but i'm still in summer mode. We don't see movies too often here either, but the girls from our Bible Study saw "The Help" and enjoyed it. Our son is moving into the apartment he will share with his bride in 5 weeks, so he has inspired me to clean out a bit too. Fun to come across things we haven't seen in awhile, but I'm not a collector, so much is being recycled. I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I'm sort of creating "a life of order, and more space in my days" too. It feels good. You sound rested, but I'm glad you are back!
    Have a good week,
    PS Our dogs have pillows AND beds! Oh well!

  4. Love your post, Stephani. So full of wonderful description of your day.

    And love your puppy. But I'm biased when it comes to German Shepherds. :)

  5. Great Daybook entry! Yes,I've heard all kinds of great comments about Courageous on AFR radio.

    I know you and your hubby had a wonderful day for a picnic.

    Blessings dear friend!

  6. Stephani - great post!

    To answer your question about the heart in the milk - it just happened and I thought it was really neat so I took a photo. :)

  7. I am presently in the book of Romans as I read through the Bible.

    Our son was also young when he came to Christ. And as you, he has not strayed from the path.

    Sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful date nite.

    I look forward to seeing the movie Courageous.

  8. thanks for the shout out! i think you deserve two entries in the giveaway!!

    the dog picture...oh my! adorable.

    have a blessed week~


  9. This is a wonderful photograph Stephani, and I truly enjoyed reading this post.


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