August 29, 2011

Sleep Visits

 I'll be off work this week.  And although I'm posting this late in the morning, I'm actually writing in the middle of the night with pen and paper.  Do you remember pen and paper, those archaic tools we used in the past to write our thoughts with, or send well wishes across the miles in letters? Oh, the good old days! 

As I mentioned, it's the middle of the night.  When it comes to sleep, I often describe her this way, always a visitor, never a friend - meaning that sometimes she comes and stays for a few moments, but never stays long enough for me to really get to know her well.  On the other hand, her enemy, Insomnia, and I know each other quite well.  I don't know how I got tangled up in this unwanted relationship, but I have.  I seem to be able to shake her for awhile, but she always finds her way back.

I've learned that in the quiet moments of the dark, it is much better if I don't wrestle with her, but rather use her to my advantage.  So today, as I continue counting all the blessings in my life, I share the good things that I find in the middle of the night when Insomnia comes to visit.

916.  the sound of my husband breathing as he is safely tucked in next to me

917.  my puppy making those dream noises as he lies in his bed on the floor

918.  night birds that are awake and singing in the night

919.  my cell-phone light that guides me out of the bedroom and into the dark hallway

920.  the oven light that provides enough light in the rest of the house to keep me from stumbling

921.  a full refrigerator to stare into

922.  cold milk in the middle of the night.  Sleep is beckoned to come when she sees I've swallowed a glass full.  Sometimes she come, sometimes she doesn't.

923.  a God who never sleeps

924.  talking to my Father in the middle of the night about whatever slips into my mind

925.  praying for hurting friends, sick parents, loved ones facing new adventures

926.  an empty street outside my door lit only be the street lights

927.  praying for the different house numbers and the residents who sleep behind them

928.  time to read

929.  time to write

920.  and finally, time for sleep to arrive


  1. awesome thankfuls, we have so very much to be grateful for...what an awesome, amazing God we serve.

    on a side note, have you ever tried anything natural like calms forte for sleep?? just an idea :)

    have a fantastic day! :)

  2. no wonder nothing happens at night.
    everywhere women are praying all night long.
    talk about praying without ceasing.

  3. What a beautiful list of graces found in the quietness of night. Blessings!

  4. What lovely blessings, Stephani! Sometimes I have trouble sleeping too. Beautiful photo and scripture.

    Thanks for visiting my niece and leaving a comment.

  5. I love your number 923. How true and made me smile.
    Lovely post once again.
    Get some rest.

  6. night birds? like hoot owls and bob whites? i remember the bob whites i heard at night when i was a little girl. i haven't heard one since then. i am glad you find things to be thankful for when sleep is away :)
    love you.

  7. Sweet Stephani,
    How wonderful that you have come to terms with your insomnia. It's something that I rarely struggle with as sleeps just comes to me if I get still!
    I do remember the paper and pen experience as I just wrote in my journal...yes, the old fashion way.
    Hope your week is good

  8. Hope your rested. I think I could be up all night. :) again.


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