August 1, 2011

A Multitude of Gifts

Wow!  We had a wonderful weekend at the watermelon festival.  I'll have a few photos to share in the days to come, but today I want to give glory to God for his goodness by continuing with my gratitude list!  I'm getting close to 1000!  My list today is filled with random items, but I recognize that all good gifts come from God!  I'm also linking up my photos with a Creative Exchange. and August Break 2011.

876.  God's supply

877.  Having my step-son at church with us

878.   Seeing God's hand at work in seemingly impossible situations.  It's like God's hands are reaching down and separating the fog, clearing our vision.

879.  Time off work and a weekend away

880.  Going to the watermelon festival again this year

881.  Not just going to the festival, but participating in it, as if it was our own small home town.  The people have embraced us like it is our home away from home, remembering us from year to year.

881.  Hubby defending his watermelon seed spitting championship, and also winning the spelling bee.

882.  Entering a photo contest and winning first place in one category, third place in 2 categories, and honorable mention in 3 categories.

883.  A splash of rain while driving down the highway.  It created a steam bath with the hot temps, but when praying for rain do we dare complain about such a thing?

884.  Sugar-free strawberry lemonade

885.  Air conditioning as forecasters predict the hottest week in Oklahoma history

886.  Enough watermelon for family and friends

887.  Parades

888.  Small towns

889.  Rural Oklahoma

890.  Safe travels

891.  Reading God's Word as a family

890.  A beautiful puppy who loves people and is loved back

891.  My own bed

892.  The sound of my husband walking through the house

893.  Visiting Mom and Dad

894.  My Dad's tears as he tells me he is proud of me

895.  Whatever new thing God has planned for me

896.  Clouds, even when they don't produce rain

897.  Being where I am, and  being content with it

898.  Recognizing that God doesn't always send lightening bolt answers.  Sometimes the answers are very subtle.

899.  The privilege of talking to God directly, no middle man.

900.  Yet having the Holy Spirit who interprets my prayers when I can't even speak them.

I'm  linking this photo up with Creative Exchange today. I was so excited that it was raining that I just shot this through the windshield as we were driving.  It's been so dry here.


  1. Congratulations on the photo contest wins! Please share your winning entries. I'd love to see them!

  2. Stephani, I rejoice with you on #877 and praise the Lord for #899! Congrats on your photo wins and I can't wait to more pictures. Continuing to pray for you and yours...God's answers are sometimes subtle.


  3. So enjoyed all your 'wonders of praise' ... without God, we are nothing. Congrats! on your wins. That is just super. Dying to see them ...

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. I am with you on 878. Watermellon fest sounds fun! Stopping by from Ann's. Have a wonderful week :-)


  5. Wonderful post, Stephani! I'm so looking forward to seeing photos from the watermelon fest!

  6. I'm glad to see #844...sugar free strawberry lemonade...I'm embarrased to admit I'm addicted to the ones at Mc Donalds! )-:

  7. What a wonderful list this is Stephani, and congratulations on your photography contest awards, and on your hubby's winning the watermelon contest!

    It is so nice to meet you today, and I thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post and these photographs at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a beautiful evening!


  8. Love the shots of the rain coming down. Where would we be without it? :)

  9. Wow! 900! You are so vey close!
    I'm so happy you received awards for your photography. I always enjoy what you post. One day I am going to invest in a decent camera and in time to take class.
    Hope your week is good.
    ~ a

  10. I love watermelon and would love to attend an entire festival dedicated to it! And sugar-free watermelon, yumm! Loved your list today!

  11. Gorgeous shots and gifts to be so thankful for . I have really thought of doing this also. Im reading the book right now and it is sure filling me up heart , soul and spirit . Loved your blog once again.

  12. His voice very subtle is the most profound to me. I will pray for rain for you all.

  13. Celebrating with you: #s 877, 881, 882!!

  14. Pretty nice through the windshield shots! Congrats on the photo contest wins!

  15. Peaking back into the blog world and LOVE your new blog design!! I see there's lots for me to catch up on! Love you blessings listed here, especially 877 & 898. Thanks for the visit! Love from NM.


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