August 26, 2011

Don't Call Me Granny

I'm definitely getting older.  In fact, I think I have valid evidence that I am now officially old.

On one of the walls in my office, I have a photo frame hanging that holds three pictures of my two -year-old niece.  You know what I'm going to say don't you?  In the last few weeks I have had two different people ask me if she is my granddaughter!

My GRAND daughter?!!!

I do look younger than my age, and so maybe I am living in denial to react with such shock that anyone would think I am old enough to be a grandmother, or granny, or memaw, or nana, or anything remotely similar.

I'm not knocking grandmothers here!   I am surrounded by old people everyday.  Between spending time at the transitional living center where my parents live, and being with my Sunday school class, which has an average age of about 75, I have learned to cherish grandmothers and grandfathers.  I LOVE old people.

I do believe that age is just a number.  I'm learning from being around so many of our blessed senior citizens that as I grow older, I don't have to grow old.  I think there are two major difference between those who are just plain old, and those who are young at heart.  The young at heart stay active both physically, and mentally, and they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  They are givers, and still concerned about the needs of others.  This is how I want to be as my digits continue to rise!

The picture above?  Me in 3rd grade.  It's been months since I linked up with a Friday Photo Flashback so I thought today would be a great time to get back to it!  I'm also sharing at Five Minute Friday where the theme is OLDER.


  1. What a beauty you are.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. Oh my had me laughing when I read "memaw!" I am sure I would feel the same way!!!!

    And you were adorable! You look so much like a little girl in my daughter's class, too!!

    So glad you linked up this week!!

  3. LOL. Too funny!
    But I can understand how it is not funny to you.
    The things some people say!!
    Adorable photo of your NIECE!! :-)

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. And, don't worry about how old you get, as long as you stay young at heart!

  5. EGADS!!
    My bad!!That's not your niece, but YOU!!
    I get it. Anyway, you look adorable.

  6. Yes, I hear you, Steph! Feeling the same here as I am now on-staff at the charter schools where I teach as one of the oldest on staff - the eccentric drama teacher. All the 20-something and early 30-something teachers seem quite perplexed at my old school ways. Feeling the generation gap of 20-some years between us. Wish I felt more valuable to them than their degree - really do have something to offer . . .
    Joy in the graying process!
    P.S. About your 3rd grade look - Your eyes speak to me of a young gal with a secret and marvelous vision! My third grade shot shows a little girl with eyes full of dreamy wonder. Funny - how true to life we can show adult selves in a glimpse from our childhood . . .

  7. Not fair. Your 3rd grade picture is MUCH, MUCH cuter than mine. :-)

    And you don't look anything like a grandmother yet. Not to worry.

  8. Stephani, you have a long way to go before being considered old! Your eyes in the 3rd grade picture bear witness to the keen observation used for your photos.

  9. You were an awfully cute 3rd grader! I don't like all those "Grandmother names" so that's why I'm CiCi! :o) Hugs to you!

  10. Stephani,
    What a surprise coming here. I guess I don't visit often enough. You've changed your design. A nice, airy touch. I like it.
    About being older--Definitely not you! On the other hand, i definitely do fit that category! There are some blessings that come with it like with any age. But enjoy that young sparkle you still have!

  11. i really think grandma's now-a-days are looking much younger and modern...not like they used to.

    :) {hug}

  12. Stephani,
    Oh, you have me laughing! I can't believe anyone would think you're a grandmother! While in Salt Lake City, the landlady asked if I was Michele's MOTHER!!! I made an appt. to get botox the next day. :)

    Love to you, my friend!!

  13. Well, I'm going to be a grannie in 3 months and while I can't wait to hold that baby, me, being a grandma still is quite shocking!

  14. Well, 'age is just a number' is also my mother's motto, so she is now eager to stay fit, even though she's 47. She actually organizes group exercise sessions. All you have to do is keep looking younger and have a youthful view in life, even as the years advance.


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