July 18, 2011

We Just Said Hello

This is my friend Nadene and her husband Ray. 

Ray and Nadene are very close to my parents, and have been friends since before I even came into this world!  Nadene is my mother's best friend, and is like a second mother to me.  It seems like we just said hello; I heard her voice on the phone just a few days ago.  But today, she's gone. She died suddenly yesterday from a heart attack - yet another reminder to me that we should love each person as if it is their last day on this earth.   Today, I continue my gratitude list filled with the blessings of knowing a remarkable lady named Nadene.

861.  A woman of God

862.  Floor pacing prayers for me over the years

863.  Her card ministry

864.  A box full of cards and letters to look back and remember

865.  Red hair to match her personality

866.  A wonderful sense of humor

867.  Encouragement

868.  Her faithfulness  to those in need

869.  Teaching me how to care for my parents and take care of their affairs

870.  Her tears when talking about her father

871.  Her smile

872.  Faithful friend to my parents, calling and visiting every week

873.  A Christian all her life, afraid of water, courage to be baptized last year

874.  A minister of Grace

875.  An adoptive parent, literally to her own children, and figuratively to me

I miss her already, but because of Jesus I know where she is, and will be with her again one glorious day.


  1. Wonderful tribute!

    My mom is afraid of water also.

  2. What a wonderful woman to have had in your life. She leaves a rich legacy behind for you. Loved the photo of Nadene and her husband. Pray he does Ok as he moves forward.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute.

  4. A beautiful tribute. I'm terribly sorry for your very sudden loss.

  5. She sounds like a wonderful, lovely lady. What a blessing to have had her in your life!
    Beautiful post!
    (visiting from Ann's place)

  6. Aren't they adorable? What a blessing she must have been. And that she mustered the courage to be baptized. That's a beautiful list.

  7. Afraid of water and baptised none the less! Once again, I'm sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute, Stephanie.


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