July 6, 2011

Simply Scrappin'

You may remember from my post last month that I was making my niece's guestbook for her wedding.  Essentially, we took her engagement pictures and made a guestbook/scrapbook out of them.  Every other page was a signature page.  I failed to take any pictures of those, but they turned out great!  The in between pages were full scrapbooked pages like this one here.  Some of these pages were displayed on easeles at the guestbook table.  I really wish I had taken more pictures of the book.  I'll have to borrow it from my niece and take some more to share, so you can get a better idea of how the completed project looked.  This picture isn't really that great, but you get the idea.  The colors of her wedding were black, ivory, white, and a bit of red.

Scrapbooking is truly a simple pleasure.  I have enjoyed doing it for about 5 years now.  This project however was my favorite.  It was a joy to do.  I have a few of my scrapbooking samples on my sidebar if you'd like to check them out!

How about you?  Do you scrapbook, or have some other creative outlet?  How about showing us a sample?


  1. Stephani, the scrapbook page is beautiful! I saw the other posted pages as well - you are multi-talented. My creativity shows in cooking and container planting.

  2. This page is a great example! It is beautiful! I need to scrapbook, but don't take the time. Once, when my 14 years ago, when my daughter was 7, I went to a Creative Memories party and made a few scrapbook pages, but that is all.
    I may still try it again THIS year!
    Thank you again for your inspiration!

  3. Hi Stephani! Just visiting through at Dayle's Simple Pleasures and found you. Your header was an immediate balm to my spirit and I knew I had found a blogger with something significant to say. Looking forward to keeping up with your musings and picture windows. Enjoyed my visit and hope you'll stop by my place at The Writer's Reverie.
    Be ye blessed!
    Miss Kathy

  4. I love scrapbooking and have posted a few samples through the years. I'm sorry to say I'm almost a year behind, but I have a plan to get caught up, so it's all good. LOL!

    Love your wedding project. So pretty. Would love to see more.

  5. You are very talented!
    I don't scrapbook, but I do crochet prayer shawls.

  6. This is just beautiful! I would love to see the book you did for the bride and groom. I'm afraid if I got into scrapping, I would never get anything else done!

  7. Your page is amazing...a captured memory in a beautiful setting.I don't scrapbook but have thought about it


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