July 22, 2011

Filled To the Brim

My cup runneth over.

Full.  Room for no more.  But there will always be more . . . grace that is.  I'm surrounded on all fronts, and penetrated at all levels with God's grace.  God's sustaining grace.  No empty cup here.

I look at my life and the events that have taken place in the last two years, and I don't see pain; I see sustenance.  I see bounty dropped at my doorstep during the drought.

So, I'm full of God's grace, the grace HE gives ME, but am I full of grace - grace going out to others? God says, "Let your conversation always be FULL of grace and seasoned with salt."  Am I so overflowing with grace that God is washed over others?  Are my words kind, encouraging, forgiving, loving, grace filled?

I'm full of grace, so Jesus, let my cup run over and wash dry souls.


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2011

    What a blessing...to be able to see the bounty and the grace during the drought! Continuing to pray for you my friend.

  2. Great words, Stephani. Thanks for sharing your heart! May God bless you richly.

  3. What a beautiful entry! I do hope things are looking up for you. I hope to be back to regular blogging soon. My Dad improves a little each day but it is going to be a slow go. I'm sure the Lord will teach us so much during these weeks and months.

    It's good to be in touch! Many blessing to you!

  4. You have great wisdom.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. "I see sustenance. I see bounty dropped at my doorstep during the drought."

    Thanks, Stephani, for letting us see it too. I always get a dose of grace when I visit you. Praying for you and your family.

  6. Stephanie,
    I love the picture of the tea cup and clock...so beautiful.

  7. A beautiful shot, Stephani, along with a great reminder of God's grace through every bit of our lives.

  8. So glad you are in this place and that your cup runs over and fills your blog and photos with His grace.

  9. Filled to overflow ... what a beautiful photo to accompany your thoughts.

  10. I can make the same statements you made. I've been blessed far beyond anything I ever imagined. Thank you for sharing.

  11. "Fill my cup, Lord. I lift it up, Lord. Come and fill the thirsting of my soul..." These words came to me as I read your post. I, too, want my cup to overflow on others.


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