July 10, 2011

Rear View

Yes, this IS what it looks like - a photo of the sunset in my rear view mirror.  I was on my way home the other evening, and had already pulled over to take some shots of the sunset prior to this.  You can see one here that I posted a few days ago.  This is the same sunset.   And yes, I did stop in the middle of the street to take this shot, but I did put on my flashing hazard lights (since I was creating a hazard) and I kept checking the rear view mirror for oncoming cars.  Luckily the street was totally empty.  Oh the lengths we go to to take a shot, but that glorious sunset was worth it!

What crazy things have you done to get the shot you want?

I'm sharing with Sunset Sunday.


  1. That's just an awesome shot! And I would do the same thing stopping in the middle of the street. Unless it was on the freeway!

  2. That is a very interesting "angle" on the sunset. I often times look in my rear view mirror as I'm heading home after shooting sunsets and think that the sunset is still beautiful in my mirror. I'll have to try one that way. Thanks for the idea. And thanks for participating in Sunset Sunday.

  3. Nice job - that's beautiful.

    I've done some of the same things... stopping in the middle of the road, or on the side of the road, or done u-turns, etc... all to get a shot. "Safely" of course!

  4. That is a beautiful susnet in your side mirror.
    I have drove in rain down the road and took pictures so ... not so smart Im sure.


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