July 9, 2011

Black Grapes

I guess I'm just in a mood for fruit lately with this post of grapes and my pineapple post a few days ago!

After washing them in my pink colander, I thought to myself, "Now that would make a pretty picture!"

If you look closely at the reflection on the wet grapes towards the right side of the bowl, you will notice the blue sky.  I sat the grapes in front of a window to take this picture so I could get some good natural lighting, not knowing I would capture the blue sky on the water!

How about you?  Do you like black grapes?  If not, what's your favorite fruit?

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  1. Love all kinds of fruit, sweet friend! This morning I had a bowl of cherries, blackberries, papaya, cantalope and peaches...all cut up and yummy.
    have a restful weekend...

  2. I prefer green grapes - but like red, too..

    I love your photography style. It's so fresh!

  3. Wonderful picture!

    I don't eat as much fruit as I should.
    Are black grapes the ones that I call red, or are there 3 types of grapes?

  4. I can see why you took a photo of that - it's beautiful! I love all kinds of fruit and those grapes look so yummy!

  5. A great photo! Just discovered you on Weekend Reflections...New follower!

  6. Your photos are ALL great. I prefer red to black grapes. But a good peach is probably my favorite fruit!

  7. Belle photo, qui donne l'eau à la bouche !

  8. A very pretty picture! Now I wish I had some. :)


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