March 13, 2011

A Sacrifice of Praise

I've noticed that when the gratitude becomes more than words in a journal and my heart truly becomes humbled by all of wondrous God around me, I in turn am changed.  I'm singing again, and this is one song that always comes to mind throughout the day. 

We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise - Lyrics Kirk Dearman

We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.
We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.

And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of thanksgiving;
And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of joy.

I continue the record of blessings with just a drop of what is in the ocean of God's generosity.

766.  Wonderful husband taking my dad to an OU basketball game

767.  Spending the day alone with Mom talking, cleaning, cooking, and organizing

768.  New black pants for Mom that actually fit her.  She's gone down 3 dress sizes in the last couple of years.

769.  The twang of cottage cheese.  Yes, the twang of cottage cheese causes people to love it or hate it! I love it!

770.  Red heads.  How unique and beautiful is a head of red hair?

771.  Encouragement to petition God for the big things

772.  My friend from Japan was trapped in Tokyo for two days after the earthquake but is now safe.  I received a touching email from her on Saturday night.  She thought she was going to die, but thankful for God's provision.  She is so sorrowful about the tragedy all around her.  I'm glad she knows Jesus.  Please pray for everyone in Japan.

Here is a photo of my friend with my parents when she came to visit in 2009.  Isn't she beautiful She's 42 years old now and a marathon runner.  I can't get over how much Mom and Dad have aged in the last 2 1/2 years.  They look so healthy in this photo.

773.  Being invited to a professor's class to observe his students' presentations.  I learned a lot about the Ivory Coast and Mali in the process.

774.  Being contacted by a marketing company in Texas (I just love those Texans - You know who you are!) that wanted to buy one of my photos for some of their work.

775.  Good news for my husband's business

776. Sweet niece #5 showing me some games on her I Touch

777.  Amazing niece #4 is recovering slowly from wrist surgery.  She is 18 and has been a violinist since age four.  Please pray for her recovery as she will be attending college in the fall on both academic and violin scholarships.

778.  An Amazing outpouring of love towards my father in Sunday school.  Fifteen years ago he was the founding teacher of a Sunday school class that started out with 10 people.  The class now has well over 100 people attending.  He retired from teaching about a year ago.  Today the new teacher delivered my father's first lesson and then asked class members to share what my father meant to them.  My father and mother have been unable to attend church for over 3 months now.  One by one members of the class stood up and shared how my father had impacted their lives either through his ministry, or through his medical practice. Class ran over by 30 minutes because people just keep getting up to share individual stories about what he has done for them.   My father is truly a great and godly man that is loved and admired by many people.

779. Being asked by niece #2 to scrapbook her engagement pictures and guestbook pages for display and use at her wedding.

780.  Robins, robins everywhere!  One of my favorite signs of spring.

I am blessed beyond measure. Won't you share how God has blessed you this week?  If you leave a comment, why not share one thing you are thankful for today!



  1. One thing I am thankful for is YOU, Stephani. Though we've never "met", God uses you continually to teach me.

  2. Beautiful, Stephani! I'm so glad your friend is now safe and sound. And, yes, we've been praying for God's many mercies to be poured out on the Japan.

    How wonderful for you and your husband to be storing up such sweet memories with your Mom and Dad. Your parents must be overwhelmed with gratitude for the great honor you are showing them.

    Congratulations on the good news for your husband's business and the marketing company wanting your photo! Great job!

    As always, to God be the glory, my friend. Thanks for the gift of reading the many ways He's blessing you.

  3. Your Japanese friend is beautiful..thankful that she is alive. I can't imagine what a scary time that was for everyone there.
    How wonderful that the Sunday School Class honored your father in that way!

  4. So thankful with you that your friend is alive and well.
    You photos are beautiful...lovely processing on the little robin.
    All Things Heart and Home

  5. One thing I am thankful for:
    windows open, heater off, fresh air circulating throughout the house.

  6. Your devotion to your parents is remarkable. Inspiring. Thank-you.

    The twang and red heads, I totally agree!

    I'm thankful for sleep.

  7. Such a beautiful picture. Glad your friend is okay! I am crying as I think about that Sunday school class honoring your father. Incredible.

  8. I'm thankful for a Dad that is also a Godly man, whose ministry has also touched the lives of thousands and impacted many of them for eternity.

    I always enjoy reading your gratitude list as it causes me to reflect on my many blessings as well.


  9. Stephani, I smiled as I read your much to be grateful for- your friend in Japan, your father's legacy, your mother's legacy, your photography, and so much more...

    Your creativity and skills enrich our lives!

  10. Stephani, I found your gratitude list incredibly moving -- especially the piece about your beautiful Japanese friend and the wonderful tribute to your dad. Thank you for opening your heart.

  11. This is one time I cannot pick just one thing. I was moved from the first statement and the words to the song, "Sacrifice of Praise!" To hear of your friend in Japan, your parents, your love for them, etc., and then to end with Robins! I'm so partial to Robins. The first "miracle" I ever experienced in life was watching a Robin's nest on my kindergarten's window sill and seeing the eggs hatch out. I'm 63 years old and I will never forget that Momma Robin!
    Thank you so much for your gratitudes and your sacrifice of praise today. I'm so glad I stopped by!


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