March 21, 2011

I Thank Thee God

I Thank Thee God

I cannot thank Thee, God enough
For this small plot of ground, this roof,
These lifted walls that close me in
And hold me tenderly; this proof
Of Thy kind care for my great need
Of shelter and of daily bread;
But oh, there are no written words,
There are no words that have been said
That could express my gratitude
For the companionship of Love
That shares my simple fare -- dear God,
A gift I would be worthy of!
And I would thank Thee for the tasks;
A fire to tend, a loaf to bake,
A floor to sweep, a seam to sew,
A clean, white-sheeted bed to make,
A lamp to light at evening time--
I thank Thee, God, for all of these;
For home, my home--for every home--
I thank Thee, God, upon my knees.

~ Author Unknown

I too thank Thee God,
for these and so much more . . .

781.  working up a lather on my hands before washing my face
782.  velvety suds
783.  Ashes to Fire devotional book
784.  soft leather
785.  the anticipation of his coming
786.  for the courage to be kind anyway and not push my agenda
787.  clean sheets right out of the dryer
788.  socializing with aunts and uncles

My dad with 2 of his sisters

789.  inspiration to write
790.  chicken in the pot
791.  spring break
792.  my husband's diligence and willingness to do the dirty work
793.  the coo of mourning doves
794.  kind words from my father
795.  new photo blog header
796.  the aroma of graham cracker crust baking in the oven
797.  finally finding a store bought salsa that I love

798.  Colossians 4:6
799.  the steam from the spaghetti rising and fogging up the window as I rinse it at the kitchen sink
800.  a new nickname from hubby
801.  a cross for the front yard during lent
802.  roast beef sandwiches
803.  my husband's sense of humor
804.  kind comments from readers
805.  a mini photo studio for taking pictures of still life
806.  Mom's getting hearing aids this week
807.  movies on sale
808.  a new child sponsored through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
809.  the noises my puppy makes when he's dreaming
810.  watching my puppy "air run" while he's dreaming - look at those little paws go!

A Multitude of Gifts



  1. Stephanie, what a beautiful list!! Dogs running while sleeping are so funny! No. 486...I need to work on that one and spring break was on my list too!! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh what wonderful blessings we have!

  3. Beautiful poem, Stephani! And loved the picture of your dad and aunts, too.
    Sweet blessings to share this week.
    Thank you, precious friend!

  4. Definitely a beautiful list, Stephani! I especially enjoyed:

    #799~something simple, but it means that you have plenty to eat

    #805~can't wait to see some more of your photos

    #808~what a wonderful opportunity you have

    #810~love this gift!

    I've just started counting my 1,000 gifts, so I cannot even think how blessed you've been to record 810 gifts! Wow!

    Hope you've had a great week so far...

  5. Stephani, you ooze thankfulness. I enjoy reading your lists. #810 made me smile:)

  6. Love the poem, love that beautiful picture of your Dad and his sisters and always enjoy your Gratitude List. It brings a smile to my face this morning and I needed that. Blessings for this day!


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