February 14, 2011

My Valentine

It is truly a blessing on Valentine’s Day, and every day, to be married to the man of my dreams. A man so perfectly fitted to me that it had to be ordained by God. Is he perfect? No. Am I perfect? No. Are we perfect? No. But, we are inexplicably joined by a love that weathers and wonders it all - companions through and through. Today, I continue my gratitude list by celebrating my Valentine and sharing a sampling of why I’m grateful for him.

666. More humble in the presence of God than any man I have ever seen

667. A leader worth following

668. Still looks at me like he did in the beginning

669. Makes me feel like I have improved with age when in reality I see my twenties getting farther and farther away

670. Allows me to be his fishing buddy even though I slow him down sometimes

671. Fearless

672. Protector of me and our home

673. Mr. Fix It. This man can fix absolutely anything!

674. Hands that reflect hard work and strength

675. Makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever known. He has had me in tears from laughing more than once. He makes me laugh when I stubbornly try to remain angry or sad. He believes laughter is the best medicine and we have heavy doses of it in our home.

676. Expects more of me than I expect of myself - he forces me to grow.

677. Hungers for God’s word

678. Tenacious

679. Wise

680. Mediocrity is not in his vocabulary.

681. Does the dishes more than I and does them without complaining ; )

682. Makes the best pizza I have ever eaten

683. Thinks I’m the most wonderful wife in the world. (Did I mention he’s delusional?)

684. Forgiving – Always willing to start over

685. Believes in us

686. Knowledgeable about so many subjects

687. Has the gift of helps lending his hands and heart to others

688. Puts up with all my quirks

689. One of God’s voices in my life. God teaches me so much through my husband.

690. The most trustworthy person I have every know. There is such peace in this.

691. An outdoorsman who fills our house with food and fun because of it

692. Soaks up every bit of life

693. Full of energy yet able to stop and smell the roses

694. A touch I can’t live without

695. He still gives me butterflies

696. Handsome beyond description

697. We enjoy so many of the same things. We pretty much do everything together.

698. The spiritual leader in our home

699. My best friend

700. Etc. etc. etc. Maybe I’ll pick this list up again next Valentine’s Day because I could go on and on!
Happy Valentine’s Day honey! I love you and am so very thankful for you!

Today I'm sharing my gratitude with others at A Holy Experience.


  1. Thanks, Honey.
    I'm sure I don't deserve all that, but I guess you're delusional too.
    Happy Balentimes!
    Love you.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to the man of your dreams, Stephani. Love this list!

  3. love it love it love it! happy valentines day stephani!

  4. Stephani, my sweet friend, what a sweet tribute honoring your hubby. It warms my heart to read all the ways that you love him and that he shows you how much he loves you. An example to us all!
    May God give you eyes that will see fresh all the wonderful gifts that He gives.
    It's a real blessing to follow your blog and read all that God is doing in your life!


  5. Now, that post just gave me the "warm fuzzies" all over. What a loving tribute to your husband.

    Valentine Blessings to you!

  6. Man oh man...you gots yerself a real man...congratulation and happy wagging Valentine's Day. Cheers!

  7. What a sweet, sweet list! I love that he makes you laugh like nobody else and he gives heavy doses of laughter to you! You are a BLESSED woman for 677 alone...but how sweet God is to you to bless you with all the rest through your husband!
    Have a wonderful week as you warm up! It's nice, isn't it?!?
    Blessings on you,

  8. What an amazing tribute! If I do the same with my hubby, not sure if I could get to 3 digits ;-P


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