February 21, 2011

More Goodies

When your father is the king, the goodies just keep comin' and comin'!

701.  Homemade banana nut bread

702.  Taxes done

703.  A husband who loves my family as if they are his own.  I have to say, he is a great son-in law.

704.  Hubby's homemade vegetable soup

705. Freshly washed and folded towels

706.  A comfy couch

707.  My 2010 photo book turned out great!

708.  My office.  I'm privleged to have a really nice office.  It's large, but nice and cozy.  However my job is getting ready to change some and I will be relocating to a different building where I will not have as nice an office. : (  Oh well, as we've learned there will be new things over there to be thankful for I'm sure!

709.  Our Sunday school class raised $15,000 dollars for the Swaziland project in about 5 minutes flat! Praise the Lord.

710.  Sweetener.  I prefer sugar, but my hips don't, so I'm thankful for Splenda!  We keep a large (cute) bowl of it on the kitchen counter.  It's right at my fingertips every morning when I make hot tea!

711.  My new followers.  If you're new here, I'm so glad you've joined us!

712.  Old quilts.  I got two from my Mom this week.

713.  My aunt's paintings.  I received a portrait that she did of my mother when she was in college.

714.  Memories from Mom and Dad's house.

715.  I'm thankful to know that the really good gifts are those you can take with you when you leave this earth; the people in your life who love the Lord.  So that means I will for sure be in heaven with both my parents, all my siblings, all my nieces and nephews, my husband, all four grandparents, many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.  I'm not a party girl now, but I just might become one in heaven.  What a celebration!

Today, I'm sharing my gratitude at A Holy Experience.


  1. Precious list, Stephani. I especially am drawn to #715. What a celebration is SO correct!

  2. What a beautiful list your are compiling. I hope to read the 1,000 gifts book soon. I love contemplating my own blessings, and seeing other people's too.

  3. Yes, Stephani, our Father is the King and great provider of all we need! I enjoyed reading your list.

  4. How precious it is to *know* that you will be in glory with all those loved ones!! What a wonderful blessing that is!!

    Your towel photo is lovely. I *love* freshly laundered towels too. :)

    My little girl has been sitting here with me while I looked at this post and told me she would comment on your pretty tea cup...she liked it. :)

    And Splenda ~ Have you heard of Stevia leaf extract powder?? It's a natural sweetner that doesn't seem to have nasty side effects. I just recently learned of it...maybe it's worth a look into?

    Many blessings,

  5. I am visiting from Ann's Multitude Mondays. Your blog is beautiful. I love all of the photographs and your header! Being thankful for towels and laundry has made me more joyful in doing the weekly laundry. I had homemade banana bread at Bible Study this morning and it is such a wonderful treat. God bless!


  6. Ah, Stephani, it is wonderful to have new followers and to know that your will see your loved ones for all eternity! How wonderful!
    I enjoyed reading you lovely list.
    blessings, my friend

  7. I love the photos with your gratitude list, Stephani! And now Quartz Mountain is on my bucket list! (-:

  8. I love freshly folded towels too and can't live without Splenda. :o)

    Love your list and the photos! I hope y'all are experiencing a little bit of Spring there in Ok.

    Happy week!

  9. You knocked it out of the park with #715! LOVE that you will be able to celebrate BIG with so many of your family members in heaven. What a blessing! That one still has me grinning big. :o)

    You are indeed blessed and every time I visit here or your photo blog, I get a real nice dose of serene. You inspire me to slow down and notice more. There's not enough "thank you's" for that!

    Blessings on you!


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