January 31, 2011

Journaling the Gifts

I’ve been recording my gratitude here on my blog for some time now. I don’t share every week, but try to post at least every other week. My friend Annesta also participates, and recently she mentioned that she has a gratitude journal and writes her gratitude down during the week. I know this is not an original idea with her, but when I read that she was writing them down, it inspired me to do the same. And what a difference that has made. I hate to admit this, but each time I would sit down to write my gratitude post I would have a hard time remembering the things from my week that I wanted to share. Now it is at my fingertips. The greatest benefit however is how it has changed my attitude, my vision, and my sense of hope. I’ve only been writing my gratitude list in a journal for one week, and I am so amazed at what it has done for me. I carry my journal with me at all times, and write down things as I go. As a result, I have a very long list! I have not included my entire list here. One of the other benefits of writing my gratitude down is that I can write down private moments that I can’t share here. So, here goes my list of just a few things I have been blessed with.

631.   A new silver purse with a bow on it. I went to the store to look for a new pair of black slacks and came out with a new purse, new wallet for me, and new wallet for my mom; but no black slacks

632.   Fun size packets of M&M’s

633.   Two cute new lamps for my office. Only $14.00 each. I love Kirkland’s!

634.   Spooning

635.   Space heaters. Our central heat went out at the beginning of last winter and we still don’t have a new heater. We have a blizzard headed in tonight so pray for us!

636.    Recognition at work for 20 years of service, and a new plaque to hang on the wall.

637.    New fishing pole (This photo includes my new pole leaning against the tree and my husband fishing in the background)

638.    Sweet potato chips

639.   Piping hot taco soup

640.   Hair color for those stubborn grays

641.   Not being able to sleep meant being able to rise earlier and enjoy extra quiet time.

642.   God’s mysterious ways

643.   My parents had the means to put me through college, leaving me with no college debt. Many people will be paying off college debt for many, many years.

644.   Comp time at work

645.   Getting 6 months of pictures burned to disc. Yikes! I don’t ever recommend waiting this long to burn your pictures to disc. I have set up a new way to organize my pictures and will be burning discs every month. I also will now have them saved in 4 places: My laptop, an external hard drive, burned to disc, and some of them on the web through my blog, Flicker, and Picnik.

646.   Frosted Flakes – They’re GRRRReat!

647.   Finding shirts on sale for 2.88

648.   Either God's voice is louder these days or my ears have been unplugged!

649.   Being on the road early in the morning while it is still dark and quiet

650.   New wading boots

651.   Wading through the river

652.   Catching fish

653.   Hand warmers

654.   A long hike

655.   Seeing God’s word come alive in the physical

656.   A million billion trillion visible stars

657.   The sound of rushing waterfalls

658.   An outdoor nap

659.   Running into old friends at the river

660.   My head to toe camo covered husband kneeled in prayer

661.   The sound of my husband setting the hook and reeling in

662.   Visiting with Imogene at church on Sunday. She is an elderly widow whose husband died 6 years ago. She is very lonely and also not physically well. I’ve decided to take her under my wing!

663.   The smell of roast cooking in the crock pot.

664.   Blue cheese crumbles

665.   New waders. The chest waders that I wore on our fishing trip leaked water into the foot. So, I had a cold, wet, squishy sock part of the time while I was fishing!  Hubby found some hip waders last night at Academy that were on sale!

What are you grateful for today?  You can share with us today at A Holy Experience.


  1. Oh, that's such a good idea to write down throughout the day the things we are grateful for. I just may have to start doing that. I'm sure it's a lot like writing down everything we eat in a day. It serves as a great reminder, much more so than our just trying to remember it. What a great list!

  2. Stephani,
    I am so grateful to God that He inspired me to share my practice and that it has helped you. I am also so grateful to be reading your post so regularly. I will most definitely pray for you as you face this blizzard.
    And, really, can your photographs get any more beautiful and artful? I have been following you for some time now and I am always amazed at what you post...you are so talented!

    If I don't retire this August, next year I will have 30 years on my job...no plaque...just a small gold pin.
    I enjoyed your list, friend.
    sending you warm thoughts and hugs

  3. love your list Stephani and wow, that fishing picture is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic post!

    Thanks for stopping by today. You can find the monkey bread recipe through Martha Stewart. That's where I found it.

  5. Your photos are beautiful! You are a very inspiring woman. Consider yourself having a new follower :)
    ~Angel @livinginaperrytale.com

  6. LOVED this, every morsel! And I love that you have written down the private moments for yourself...you are one of two people who have inspired me to just get a notebook and WRITE! Thank you for that.
    Your photos are beautiful...and as I've said before, tell wonderful stories. And have you tried those spicy sweet potato chips? YUM! #648...I hear your Hallelujah!
    Blessings on you this week!
    Love to you!

  7. What a great list Stephanie...I may have to try writing through the week, I think it would help me. I thought of you when I saw the weather report and have been praying for you. I hope you don't lose power.

  8. Stephani,
    When I started my gratitude list, I began doing it with a notebook, and it really does make a difference, doesn't it? So glad it's helping, and what a wonderful list you have here! The pictures are amazing, and thanks for the tip about saving pictures. I have a lot more than 6 months worth....Blessings to you!

  9. Kirklands - yes!
    Congratulations on achieving the 20year mark at work.
    Your pictures and words speak volumes about your get away weekend - so glad you enjoyed it.
    Happy day off - stay warm!

  10. Oh, what a beautiful, wonderful, inspiring list!


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