January 17, 2011

A Multitude of Gifts

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ~ Genesis 1:2

It was so dark then. There was no created light yet, but God was still hovering over it all. He was still present. Present in the absence of light. I’m reminded today that in our blackest moments, God still hovers. He is often unseen and unfelt, but there with his eye on me. It’s enough for me to know that today – enough to know that God sees me and he has a plan. He had a plan when he created light and separated it from the darkness, and he has a plan to achieve the same in my life.

Just like sunlight filtering through the cracks in a boarded up house, so are the blessings in my life today. They illumine my soul and remind me not to wallow in self-pity too long, but rather lift my face to the sun and feel its warmth.

616. a timely phone call and scripture

617. a husband who draws near and listens and makes me laugh even when I don’t want to

618. this outlet of blogging that helps me to not only share what God is saying to me, but hear it

619. a mother who’s deep love for me is evident in the tone of her voice when she expresses her concern

620. a father who seems to not be able to get enough of my company. I’m glad because there will come a day when I can’t be with him, and I’m beginning to believe there will come a day when he won’t remember me.

621. realizing that it is OK to be me, believe what I believe, and not always have to please everyone around me. Trying to always please others can be very exhausting. I’m thankful for a bit of rest.

622. Little House on the Prairie DVDs. Since we don’t have television it is nice to be able to have complete control of what we watch through DVDs.

623. black cherry tea

624. salad topped with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, green onions, blue cheese crumbles and homemade raspberry blush vinaigrette dressing.

625. brown rice topped with Swiss steak

626. a God who is consistent

627. a God who is constant

628.  a God who shows himself

629.  knowing God hovers over me even when it seems my prayers aren't being answered, and my circumstances don't change

630.  mercy

A blessing captured . . . my folks

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  1. Yes, in an ever changing world, it is such a comfort to know we serve an ever constant God. Can't imagine not having that assurance.

    What a lovely picture of your parents.

    Thinking of you this Monday and wishing for you a beautiful week!

  2. #621...isn't it wonderful when we realize it is okay to be who we were intended to be...and not have to please others...glad for your break, also! It really does get exhausting trying to please everyone.

    I left a little something over at my place for you. :)

  3. Yes, he does have a plan and I am learning to rest in that truth today too. I'm a planner by nature, and giving mine up and submitting to his instead is so hard for me to do.

    Oh Stephani, I hear your pain and worry about your dad. I will pray that there will be no gap between remembering and seeing you again on the other side. And I pray that you have MANY more days this side! Your folks are beautiful! And boy what a blessing that you are so close to them!

    Thank you for sharing your thanks in the midst of the struggle. I pray God's peace increases over you.

  4. Oh, Stephanie, your list brings tears to my eyes - in a good way. I believe there will come a day when my dad doesn't know me and I am so thankful for the time we have had together. I love the one about your husband making you laugh when you don't want to - I have a husband like that!! :-)

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  6. So glad to see the picture of your sweet parents - how beautiful!

  7. Dear Stephani, I hear you basking in the warmth of the Son. It is a gift to have a thankful heart like yours.
    Thank you for being you!

    The picture of your parents made me smile.

    Multiplied mercy to you and those you love...

  8. Stephani,
    You have been on my heart and mind and am so happy to see your post. #620 and 521 struck a chord in my soul. I pray that you will rest in the knowledge that you are a new creature in Christ Jesus and He alone matters! And may you enjoy and relish each moment with your dad and tuck all those memories aside as a treasure to bring out in days ahead.
    grace and peace to you, my friend


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