January 11, 2011

Daybook ~ 36

It has truly been difficult for me to get back in the groove of posting to my blogs after a bit of time off. I have begun to wonder how I found the time to do this before, but I’ve sure missed it! I find the time today only because I walked in the door after work at about 7:15 pm and found my husband cooking dinner for us, allowing me time to just kick back for a few moments. Today is 1-11-11. I couldn’t let this day go by without posting something so I thought a good way to ease back into blogging would be to post a daybook. During my time off I have found some rest, but I now find I am still behind and still overwhelmed with all that each day entails. Maybe time management needs to be a focus for me this year and perhaps trusting all into God's hand a little better.

For Today . . . January 11, 2011

Outside my window . . . it is dark and a cold 18 degrees

I am hearing . . . my husband cooking dinner and Mark Levin on the radio.

I am creating . . . very little in recent days. Although I am trying to get my photos organized and ready to burn to disc again. I am also editing my blog and preparing to make may 2011 blog book.

I am looking forward to . . . Friday at 5:00 - the end of Spring 2011 enrollment at my school.

I am thankful . . . for the memories of those I love that are held in my heart while distance and time separates us.

I am praying . . . for change in my heart and habits.

I am hoping . . . my parents’ property will sell quickly and for a good price.

I am remembering . . . days spent at the cabin on the lake; swimming, skiing, and watching July 4th fireworks from the boat.

I am noticing that . . . I have changed in ways I wish I hadn’t, and I have not changed in ways I wish I had.

I am reading . . . Isaiah

Words to think about . . . “You will never understand some commands until you obey them first. Obedience unlocks understanding.” ~ Rick Warren

A moment from my week . . . I took dad for his first cancer treatment. He is feeling good and no side effects yet.

Something you may not know about me . . . I love Mexican food of all kinds, but I have never eaten a burrito.

One of my favorite things . . . giving my puppy a special treat.

For my picture journal . . . my puppy gettin’ after a ham bone!


  1. I loved your blog .
    Bless you and God give you the strenght to take it one day at a time to come and go here as your heart needs. I will be her.
    Unending Prayers for you Dad.
    Hugs from me to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing today, Stephanie. I know how time consuming this can be. Prays coming your way for your Dad and you...

  3. Hey dear Stephani,
    I am so glad you are back.

    I always love your daybook and I need to join you in the prayer you are praying for heart and habit. God help me in those areas also.

    Praying for your father.


  4. Stephani,
    So glad to hear your "voice" again. :) May God bless you with much peace today about where He has you right now, and may you continue to praise Him ever so faithfully for His endless mercies. Love and hugs!

  5. Good to hear from you, Stephani. I know this is a tough season for you in many ways. You are doing well to get through each day so be easy on yourself. Go gently, friend.

  6. It was so good to look up and find an entry from you this morning. I miss your enriching posts.

    I'm so glad your Dad is tolerating his treatments and I do pray that their property will sell very soon. Times are tough in that area.

    Take care of yourself and always good to connect with you.

  7. Oh it's sooooo good to see you back on here, Stephani! But don't let that pressure you if this is a season that this might be too much. I'm still trying to discern if I need to unblog for a while too. I have huge mixed feelings, because I want to thank God and tell others too, but time management for me has been a challenge. I'm sorry you are overwhelmed too. But truly, I'm glad I'm not alone in that struggle! So thank you for putting that out there.

    I pray for you and your dad as he undergoes his treatments for cancer. May God grant him strength and energy as he faces the medicine that will help his body heal.

    Love to you, Stephani! I've missed you, but glad to see you pop in here and there.

  8. hi! I love your daybook, i may do that too here soon.... Hope your daddy is still feeling good, considering. I think it is hard to blog once you stop for a while. And I hope you are taking care of You! :) xo


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