November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving ~ Counting My Blessings

Continuing my gratitude list this Thanksgiving week with much to be thankful for.

571. being ministered to by the hurting

572. ministering to the hurting

573. the life of our friend Ann, my former violin teacher, who passed away on Saturday

574. the example of those who live much more graciously than I

575. my parents’ home that they built 32 years ago. It won’t be the same when they move in just a couple of weeks.

576. a life care community that is equipped to take care of my parents from independent living to assisted and on to nursing should the need arise

577. a Sunday school class that rallies around its members in times of need

578. peace even in the midst of family turmoil

579. a wife for my oldest nephew and that his moral standards were high enough to wait until the right girl came along even if it meant waiting until 33 to get married

580. niece # 1 who sends me a text from hundreds of miles away to tell me she’s thinking of me because she’s making my new potato recipe and it won’t be as good as mine

581. niece #2 who lives her life with such grace, deserving of all her accolades and recognition at the university

582. niece #4 who is a walking example of God’s grace and endurance. In spite of a chronic illness she was able to make the all tournament team on the state championship volleyball team and was selected as a commended national merit scholar. She’s a source of inspiration to me.

583. that God is responsible for the simple as well as the grand

584. hubby grilling hamburgers outdoors while I set up my tripod and take pictures of the moon

585. a full moon

586. a beautiful sunset

587. fall leaves

588. more progress on the house renovation

589. working side by side with my husband

590. celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States

591. Christians who had a dream of serving their Lord freely

592. the Mayflower

593. Plymouth Rock

594. new beginnings

595. the First Thanksgiving established to celebrate the many gifts God bestows

A blessing captured . . . Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Beautiful list, Stephanie. I especially liked #584! Husbands with hearts like that are how Jesus spells L O V E to us in an intimate way.

  2. Stephani, my prayers are with you and your family as you prepare to facilitate your parents' move to a new home. Grace, Lord, grace.

    I hear your gratitude for Ann's musical mentoring in your life.

    Your multitude of thanks rings from the page.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What an inspiring and heart felt list. It's amazing how many things we have to be grateful for when we stop and really think about it. Thanks for sharing your list with us.

    Thinking of you in a special way this week!

  4. I especially like # 571 and 572.

    You have such a precious heart and I'm always amazed at how much I see of it in your lists (sorry if I say that every time. ha.).

    I'm so enjoying your bench photo every time I look at my computer.

    Peace, sweet sister,

  5. Such a beautiful, beautiful list, Stephani. Praying for your parents as they transition to their new home.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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