November 14, 2010

Thankful ~ Counting My Blessings

The fragrance of corned beef cooking in the crock pot hit me as I walked through the door after church. I was thankful that lunch was almost ready before I even got home. I made my way to the kitchen, filled a pot with water, and began cutting up the cabbage to steam. Potatoes were waiting in the wings to be baked (or microwaved in this case). While the cabbage slowly cooked, I made a cup of hot tea, sat down on the couch, and put my feet up on the coffee table. The steam was rising off of the hot cup of tea. Its mesmerizing movement seemed to hypnotize me as my thoughts took me away. I thanked God for the cup of hot tea, and the comfort that the steam and warmth seemed to bring. Then one right after another, he brought to mind many things I had to be thankful for today. He reminded me of how rich I really am. There is nothing in my life that is negative other than by my own doing. My sin and my poor choices bring about undesirable results, but the hard circumstances I face with family, or work, or the day in and day out, are just that; hard circumstances. How can I see any of it as negative? If my life is in his palm, it is all good. Today I’m thankful.

556. a variety of foods to choose from

557. a crock pot for easy meal planning and room filling fragrance

558. a tea candle glowing in a white, velvet flocked candle holder

559. a white porcelain kitchen sink; clean and bleached

560. reruns of the Andy Griffith show on DVD

561. a heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and knows me through and through. He knows what’s best for me, and I can trust him.

562. fleece lined Crocs

563. peace when worrisome events strike. I see God’s hand when I don’t panic because I on my own am fearful.

564. accepting imperfection. If God can love me warts and all, can’t I love myself as he’s commanded?

565. 5:00 AM, my new wakeup time

566. quiet time with my Lord in a cozy candle lit living room

567. black raspberry jam

568. the snap, crackle, pop of Rice Krispies cereal

569. teacups

570. a creative God

A blessing captured . . . a homemade salad and dressing. Yum!


  1. hi stephani! 5 a.m. is my wake-up time too. i have to get up before the children for quiet time :)
    i love everything on your list. my daddy and i used to watch andy griffith when i was a little girl.
    i have started bloggin again too - trying my hand at poetry, and other things. something different. i visit you every week here ....
    i think i may have to start my gratitude list again on mondays too! it was always one i enjoyed, and was necessary i think.

  2. "If my life is in his palm, it is all good."

    A great reminder. It fits so well with #570 "a creative God." Only God is creative enough to take everything in our lives and turn it into good.

    Still praying for you, friend... Keep hanging in there. I'm always encouraged by your attitude.

  3. Just love this gratitude list! And, who love to share that salad with you. I do love a crock pot and I'm up and going at 5:30. Love the early morning! Hugs to you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your grateful heart, Stephani. :-)

  5. It's nice meeting you and seeing similar things we are grateful for! LOVE my crockpot! :) Do you use it for breakfast? LOVE it for that!

  6. Stephani,
    I especially like what you said about it being our own doing of bad choices and sin when undesirable circumstances come our way. This whole gratitude practice has completely changed my life.
    I am grateful for your post and for your friendship. I am blessed and inspired by what you write. I look forward to reading what you write and seeing the pictures that you take.
    grace to you

  7. In your words I feel the peace you feel so deeply and know .
    I too feel the same way you do and had to slowly read this to say yes thats me too. Thanks for sharing this . Loved your blog and I like yoru new SP . I didnt know it was you at first.
    Gods Love just pours out of you .
    Your a blessing.

  8. I have to say that we that know that we are Loved for who we and who we are not are the Peace makers and blessed beyond anything of this Earth.
    Have a peaceful night .

  9. Great list, Stephanie! I love #562also, but #564 is my favorite. I need to work on that too.
    Thanks for sharing!! By the way, the salad look delicious!

  10. #560. Haha! While under most circumstances I don't like/condone name calling, Jeff and I will often stoop to a Barney moment and call one another a "certified, card-carrying nut."
    #563,564. Stephani, you speak my language.
    #565. Mine too! And it's nowhere close to being as hard as I thought it would be! I'll think of you in the morning as I rise and settle down with my first cup of coffee and my time in 1 Samuel! Which reminds me...I better get to bed!

    Your blog is always a joy to visit. Thanksgiving was meant to be shared - and getting to share in yours is something I always look forward to!

    Love to you, friend,

  11. This is my first time visiting your blog. I was blessed by your post!



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