November 4, 2010

Secret Recipe

That husband of mine!

He makes THE best pizza EVER!!!

A true simple pleasure!

I bet you'd like to try some!

I'd like to share the recipe.

Too bad it's a secret! ~ ; )


  1. Definitely something my kids would love. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  2. Awww, that's not nice, Stephani! :( I just knew I was going to get a new recipe to try. LOL We love homemade pizza in our home. I make a sauce that uses lavender tea of all things. Don't know what difference it makes, but it sounds good, right? This pizza looks great, and how blessed you are to have a husband who loves to make them for you!

  3. what a nice simple pleasure I want pizza ...:)

  4. Well aren't you being sneaky today. (hehe) What a gorgeous pizza and, yes, it had my mouth watering. Hey, I have some pepperoni in the frig ... don't you want to share that little secret with just one person? ;)

    I see it as you having two Simple Pleasures today--a husband who cooks this for you, and this pizza!

  5. o that's funny! i was getting ready to find some paper to write down the recipe til i got to the end of the post...
    yeah, that looks pretty good! you always take such good pictures- especially of pizza.

  6. Verrrrrrry funny! I was all poised for the recipe.

    Never thought about it until this post, but pizza of any kind has to be one of the world's ultimate simple pleasures.

    So glad I found time to make the simple pleasure party rounds.

  7. looks pretty darn good. Hey and love the Emily Dickison quote at the top of your blog

  8. What a tease! :)
    It sure looks good!

  9. Shame on you! I make great homemade pizza but not sure it looks as good as this. Cute post!

  10. Stephanie...that WAS NOT nice!! But it was funny! :-) Looks good too!


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