October 4, 2010

My Daybook ~ October 4, 2010

For Today . . . October 4, 2010 (Happy Birthday Mom!)

Outside my window . . . it is an absolutely gorgeous day. I had to take off work today to help my parents so I was able to take in the sunshine a little bit. I should be out taking pictures right now before I got to Bible study!

I am hearing . . . the clock ticking.

I am creating . . . Christmas gift ideas.

I am looking forward to . . . this weekend. I’ve got a couple different options for plans. I’m just looking forward to doing either one of them.

I am thankful . . . for God’s strength and all sufficiency.

I am praying . . . for my step-son. Please pray for him too.

I am thinking . . . I like our new desktop computer.

I am remembering . . . when I first used a computer. I also remember that when I was in college we didn’t use computers and we didn’t have the internet or email. I was working at my current place of employment when the internet went live. Yes ladies and gents, I had to type my college research papers on a typewriter and use correction tape!

I am noticing that . . . the things I don’t look forward to doing, or downright dread, are never as bad as I anticipate they will be.

I am reading . . . Isaiah

Words to think about . . . “We must know who we are.  How difficult it is to be honest, to accept that I am unacceptable, to renounce self-justification, to give up the pretense that my prayers, spiritual insight, tithing, and successes in ministry have made me pleasing to God! No antecedent beauty enamors me in His eyes.  I am lovable only because He loves me." ~ Brennan Manning

A moment from my week . . . Is there anything quite as good as a bacon tomato (No lettuce please!) sandwich for lunch on Saturday?

Something you may not know about me . . . I prefer Miracle Whip over mayonnaise.

One of my favorite things . . . is a real fruit strawberry slush from Sonic.

For my picture journal . . . a bacon tomato sandwich (One of my favorites!)


  1. Stephani,
    Your sandwich looks so yummy!!

  2. Praying with you...

    Glad you were able to experience the sunshine today.

    Blessings and grace to you.

  3. "Creating Christmas gift ideas"...you are my hero!

  4. Now, I love a BLT minus the tomatoes. I know, strange. Glad ya'll are enjoying some beautiful weather too. I can't get enough of this fall weather.

    And, Christmas, I've started on mine too. Love getting it taken care of early.

    And, I remember "life before computers" as well. I even learned to type on an old standard typewriter. Goodness,that was the dark ages. Yikes!

  5. I, too, am thankful for "for God’s strength and all sufficiency" an incredible promise!

  6. now that's a great list ...

  7. I remember telling my husband when he first suggested we get a computer: "A computer! Why would we ever need that at our house?" Famous last words. ha. I'm usually a tad slow to adopt new technology, but once I do, I love it.

    As usual, love your daybook. Praying for you and your family...


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