October 8, 2010

Minnie Mouse and the Mad Pumpkin Head

Have you ever seen those big vending machines that are filled with stuffed animals for you to try and win?

Anyway, my husband has always tried to win prizes for me out of these machines. Total waste of money I know, but he is actually quite good at it. He started doing this when we were dating and it has just become one of those fun, silly things that takes us back to the early days. He’s won everything from stuffed teddy bears to a stuffed Howdy Doody doll. Most of them have found their way into the hands of someone else because I just can't keep them all.   I thought I had convinced my husband that we needed to stop throwing money at these vending machines, but I was wrong. Last night he went out to pick up some Chinese food for dinner. I was in the kitchen when he got home. As he came in the door I heard him say, “Come in here. I’ve got a surprise for you!” When I rounded the corner and looked at my recliner this is what I was greeted with!

Nothing like a possessed pumpkin head to excite you! Oh well, the sentiment behind it sure did bring a smile to my face.  After I got over the initial shock of the mad pumpkin head sitting in my spot, my husband went to the bedroom and came out with something a little more down my alley.

You might think this whole thing a bit odd or maybe kinda cheesy, but it reminds me of a young couple at the state fair where the guy is trying to win the big prize for his sweetheart. Anyway, I have enough nieces and nephews that I will be able to pass on the joy! I am a bit concerned however that this pumpkin headed character could give someone nightmares, especially a child!

What's even scarier is that when I see these two, I see a perfect portrait of me and my husband.  (although he's much better looking than the mad pumpkin head) I'm the sweet girl who is fun loving, but pretty laid back. My husband has never met a stranger and is crazy fun!  One of the greatest joys is the laughter he brings into my life.

Sweet dreams!


  1. That is just tooooooooo cute! I remember trying those machines in my "younger" years and could not control those grabber thingys at all. What a talented husband! Thanks for the smile this evening! Happy week-end!

  2. What a surprise ending to this post, Stephani. Loved it that you saw the two of you in these characters.

  3. Must be that time of year to recognize husbands! Cute post.


  4. Stephani,
    Isn't it so cool the way God puts us together with someone who is so different than we are and we learn to compliment each other.
    It's a sweet, sweet thing that your hubby goes out and thinks of you and brings you back a surprise.
    Have a lovely weekend with your new "toys"!

  5. That is SO sweet that your husband still does that!

  6. This post brought a lingering smile...so wonderful to celebrate love in many ways...

  7. I LOVE it!!! I agree with the others...it IS sweet that he still does this.

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