October 25, 2010

A Random Assortment ~ Counting My Blessings

I’ve only been getting about one post in per week on this blog recently. Hope to have more to post soon, but life is happening at such a rapid pace right now! I thought I’d check back in with a random assortment of blessings today. I continue my gratitude list with even more to be thankful for. The list goes on and on . . .

531. a husband who prays each day for wisdom and direction concerning the difficult decisions he is facing and his always seeking what is best in any given situation

532. the confidence in my husband placed there by others

533. a sovereign LORD who knows no impossibilities

534. my parents’ acceptance into a life care facility

535. friends who pray for my family members

536. cooperation among siblings

537. blog friends who stick with you even when you have no pictures to post and no wise words to share

538. three recent engagements of two nephews and a niece

539. progress on the house

540. new doors

541. a trip to the museum with Sunday school members

542. a drive around the lake with my husband

543. temperatures in the seventies

544. conviction

545. the urging of the Holy Spirit

546. the possibilities with God

547. lessons learned by helping elderly parents

548. just me, my camera, and a drive in the country

549. a surprise visit to niece #2 before she left on her trip

550. seeing niece #4 and niece #5 last weekend

551. no more tooth problems

552. some improvement in wrist pain

553. a Sunday afternoon nap

554. being chosen by God to live a holy and blameless life

555. dealing with problems that have no answer but Jesus. I must decrease, he must increase.

A blessing captured . . .
Here is a shot that I took on that drive in the country.


  1. Even in the midst of all your life's chores, I sense a peace in your list. # 554 clinched it: "being chosen by God to live a holy and blameless life."

    I'm praying specifically for your family situation and for your parents' acceptance into the life care facility. Know that you are helping them make excellent choices for themselves, and feel no guilt about it. They will be blessed and you will be, too.

    My sister and I are returning on Thursday to visit at what was my mom's facility to help with an autumn party. It will be bittersweet. I look forward to seeing the staff and the residents that we grew to love, but will miss not being able to see my mom...

  2. Stephani,
    I love that you are able to get away for a drive in the country to relax and just do what brings you joy and what you are so good at...taking pictures.
    I am glad, too, that your parents are settled in the facility. That is a hard thing and to have siblings all in one accord is a gift indeed.
    Mom is doing well and gaining strength and ejoying Amy and Joshua living with them but I don't know what we will do when they move for Joshua to go back to school in the fall. I do know God will provide!
    Enjoyed spending time here on your lovely blog.
    Praying for a productive and peaceful week,

  3. Oh, I know these past weeks have been so difficult for you as you have been there for your parents.

    I love #546 - the possibilities with God. It is just so easy to forget that nothing is impossible with God. I especially need to be reminded of that right now.

    I will continue to pray for you and so enjoyed your gratitude list today.

    Blessings abundant!

  4. Stephanie, you certainly shared a multitude of blessings. Continuing to pray for you and your family as you help your parents in this season.

    It is a blessing to see that you are being held during this intense time.

    Grace to you...

  5. Your list is always beautiful and humbling. 534-536 certainly are sobering. The woman whom I consider my second mom was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It's heartwrenching watching our parents age. My heart is all over this, Stephani. Praying peace for you and your family. All of you.
    Love to you,

  6. Sounds like a lot is happening in your family. Life is changing but the Lord continues to bless. It's a sign of your trust in Him to give Him thanks in the midst of difficulties.
    May you feel His unsurpassing peace.


  7. What a wonderful list of thankfulness, Stephani....your warmth, humility and gentleness shows through each word.
    The song, "I Must Tell Jesus", has been going through my mind for the past week and that is what we must do with all that life presents us, hm? Cast it all upon Him and allow Him to help us bear it, for He knows best.
    Joining you in prayer for your parents and you. ((HUGS))

  8. Inspiring list, Stephani. So many changes going on for you and so much to do. I praise God for the testimony of faithfulness you are, and I rejoice with you in the rest that can only be found in Him. Hugs to you!


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