September 7, 2010

Oklahoma is Native America

Not super pleased with this one.  It could have been sharper, but he was dancing! Working on shutter speed for sure!  Being from Oklahoma and being the great, great granddaughter of a full-blood American Indian has led to my interest in all things Native American.


  1. Oh wow, Stephani, I love this picture. And after living in OK for so many years, I can really appreciate it!

  2. Fantastic picture of a great moment. I am a huge fan of this stuff

  3. Wow!! very nice. This shot speaks by itself.

  4. This is such a lovely shot :) I do love the candid, natural nature to it.

    Nice work!

    K xx

  5. I think this must be an Osage with a hair roach. Could I be right? Gorgeous picture (I happen to know something about Osages!)


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