September 27, 2010

Letting Go of Summer

I'm not sure why, but I'm having a hard time letting go of summer this year.  It doesn't make sense because fall is my favorite time of year and summer, my least favorite.  I think because of all the pressure that has been in my life in recent months, I feel I need more time to get caught up, get things in order, and relax as I set in to this new season.  I want to enjoy it and not rush through it.  If I could stall its arrival just a bit, I would.  But I can't.  The crisp cool air of the fall morning has already come to visit.  She breezes through our open windows and says, "Hello! I've missed you." Unfortunately I haven't yet been a gracious host as I reluctantly let her arrival take hold.  I pray in the days to come that we will get reacquainted, me and my old friend, and I will rest in the peace she always seems to bring with her. 

The hearty Crape Myrtle still blooms in my neck of the woods, and so to say farewell to summer I'm posting one final shot of her pink blooms.  As I look at the bokeh in the background, I'm amazed at how the lens of my camera took the light and changed the background color to grey instead of the same vibrant green that it actually was. It reminds me that fall is always on the horizon, winter follows close behind, and the colors always change.


  1. i love the colors in this photo -- nice job. It is so nice to see the different blooms from all around the country and world in these photo memes.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Absolutely beautiful color and bokeh.

  3. Beautiful crepe myrtle. I wish it grew it my part of Canada!

  4. I wish I could let go of the summer. We're still in triple digits here in the southwestern Arizona deserts. The electricity bills are horrendous and it's time for them to get back to normal.

    Love crape (and you're right, it's not crepe!) myrtles. My mother has tons of them and one of her neighbors has a double crape myrtle which she is allowing to grow into a bush instead of a tree. It is truly spectacular! I also like the way your background turned out. Isn't it fun to have a few surprises once you "develop" your pictures? Now we develop them on the computer rather than in chemical baths!

  5. You got me with the title of this post. I love summer, and it's always hard for me to let go. I want to savor every last colorful flower in my garden. This is lovely Stephani. I love the DOF and the beautiful bokeh. (P.S. I posted my answer to you on my blog today.)

  6. Hi, Stephanie, I'm Ginny and I come by way of Karen. I can't believe you are asking for tips, because your pictures are amazing! I have been scrolling through a bit of your blog, and it is so outstanding! I am loving the chubby baby feet with the dropped watermelon,you SEE what most don't, and have an eye for beauty and the peculiar! This is what I try to do on my blog, which is my small way of outreach for Jesus. You knocked me out with this: you FIRST identify yourself as a child of God before anything else! so many people would answer thatSthey are a mom, or a wife as the way theu identify themselves. I have actually been planning on doing a post about stolen identity on this very subject. First and foremost, we are his beloved! After reading a bit on your other blog, I saw the awesome blog book! I use many of my blog writings as devotionals to teach at my church and some people think they should be published. Anyway, I would be so gratful if you would let me know how I can order this book!!! It is just the thing, and I can give it to my kids, as well. My e-mail is on my peofile if you would like to contact me that way, or on my blog, whichever is easier for you. Many blessings.


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