September 13, 2010

Infinity ~ Counting My Blessings

Sitting in the living room, enjoying a Saturday morning with the front window shades up and windows open; we noticed a car back into our driveway and then pull out.  It was our neighbor moving yet another new vehicle out of the way of his mowing.  The car was a dark blue Infiniti FX.  My dream car. 

 I said to my husband, 

"That is still my favorite car.  If I had unlimited monies, that's the car I would get."

My husband smiled.  He likes that car too, and I'm sure he'd be perfectly happy with it.

"No." I said, "If I had unlimited monies, I would get a Ford F450."  

He smiled again because that is HIS dream vehicle.

"We have treasures in heaven."  I said to my husband.

He replied, "Infinity."  

Today, I am thankful that I can enjoy the beauty in these earthly treasures, but even more thankful that I stand to inherit the riches of heaven as a joint heir with Christ.  I'm thankful that where my treasure is, there my heart is also.  My gratitude grows as I continue to count the gifts in my life.

491.  our 1999 Honda Accord ~ his main mode of transportation

492.  our 1999 Honda Civic ~ my main mode of transportation

493.  our 1976 Chevy Blazer ~ the hunting/fishing/off road vehicle (waiting for a camo paint job)

494.  our 1965 Ford F100 ~ the work truck

495.  the sound of my husband hammering on the house

496.  a radio

497.  OU football

498.  beating Florida State

499.  my German Shepherd standing at the front window watching my husband work

500.  a Macintosh apple scented Yankee Candle diffuser

501.  the last load of laundry (for today)

502.  another call from Mom asking for help

503.  a chance to lend peace and comfort

504.  scrapbook room organization is in progress

505.  the sound of the dryer tumbling

506.  lime sherbet

507.  the promise of eternal life

508.  a God who keeps his promises

509.  the place that God is preparing for me.

510.  infinity

A blessing captured . . . my puppy


  1. Your puppy has the sweetest eyes!
    Your neighbor's car is sweet, no doubt!

  2. Yes, thank goodness, for Christians, money cannot buy our treasures. We definitely need to be reminded of that at times. Another great entry! Happy week!

  3. Loved the intro to your list. I could almost hear you and your husband speaking.
    Your photographic eye captures lovely shots.

  4. I'm with you on the Infinity is a thing of beauty.

  5. I love your list. #497 & 498 are funny, but #508 is my favorite. What a blessing that He keeps his promises!!


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